Petty Hates : Football Team Caps

I have a love hate relationship with replica sports wear.

I still remember getting my first football shirt.  It was a silver Liverpool away shirt last used in 1991.

I would have been, what, about 8 years old.  I was in a shop in St Helens with my mum, grandmother and brother, and the shirts were reduced because the next season’s one had come out.  I got the shirt and the shorts, but not the socks.

I’ve bought a Liverpool shirt every season since but, as I’ve got older, I wear them less and less frequently.  Even when I play football, I don’t actually wear a replica shirt.  I’ll wear a plain cotton t-shirt or sweatshirt instead.  I’ve worn this season’s shirt once, and that was because I’m a) superstitious and b) hadn’t done the laundry.  I wore it under a hoody to a friend’s house to watch a match.

I don’t really mind people wearing them under certain circumstances, such as being at the match where wearing the team’s colours can be seen as a way of supporting them.  I can understand people wearing them to play in because they are, after all, sports wear, but there’s something about grown people living vicariously through professional sports people that doesn’t quite sit right.

In a bit of an overshare, but women in football shirts do kind of sit right for me…!

However, this petty hate isn’t actually about football shirts, but something far more innocuous – the football team branded baseball cap.  This is a difficult one for me to explain too.

In fact, I can’t necessarily explain it at all, I just don’t like people wearing baseball caps of their favourite football team, and that’s even though I have absolutely no issue with people wearing baseball caps of baseball teams that they’ve probably never even seen play.  It’s not that they don’t have any relevance to the sport (even thought they don’t), but that also doesn’t mean that they are suitably fashion in the same way as a team from an American sport can be.

I don’t know whether by petty hate is with the baseball caps, or the fact that I don’t really know why I hate them!

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