The Coffee With The Missed Halloween

Greetings, if we were having a coffee this week, I’d recommend not have having a new creme brûlée latte.  The syrup sinks and seems to take most of the coffee with it.  It’s so thick that you can’t drink it.

On Monday night I ended up taking my Dad to Ikea.  I’ve been roping him in to help me build shelves in the living room, but he wanted to go look at ready made ones.  I didn’t realise that’s why he wanted to go, otherwise I’d just have sent him the living room dimensions and he’d have seen that there wasn’t anything.  Was a bit of a waste of a few hours.  I didn’t even get a hotdog or any of those rum flavoured cakes wrapped in marzipan.

I went to two football matches this week.  First up was Liverpool v Red Star Belgrade.

And then Liverpool v Cardiff City.

Pretty sure the results were 4-0 and 4-1 respectively.

On Tuesday I played football myself.  I went in goal first, and at one point actually shouted for people to stop kicking the ball at me! I used to play in goal until I was 18 but it’s kind of different playing there on a cold night in Skelmersdale on a 7 aside to pitch when you’re not entirely up for it.  For some reason my opponents seemed intent on just shooting as hard as they could and I was kind of getting in the way rather than making saves.

Towards the end of our match, I could feel the top of my back tightening up.  That was the type of feeling I had the night before it last went properly.  I was pleased it was over and I could get home in to the warm to stretch everything out.

I saw someone on his way to football this weekend, who was obviously matching his shorts, socks and knee supports, so when I first saw him I thought he had stripy legs.

On Thursday I got munchies so had a really unhealthy breakfast, but I thought that the smiley face was a lovely touch.

I’ve had a pretty quiet weekend.  It seems that no-one was around to go out with!  I avoided doing too much unhealthy food whilst on my own, which was as good as it is unusual! I like going to the beach to get some fresh air so I’m not spending all day inside, but this morning was definitely a case feeling like winter was biting.  It was jeffing freezing! Although out of the wind it was quite pleasant.

I actually have another long standing wish that will have to wait another year.  I’ve never done fancy dress, for one reason or another, and I’ve always wanted to do Halloween fancy dress.  One year I actually got all the stuff, and then it never came off.  Other than that it’s just been one thing after another and I think I’m probably now getting a bit too old for it!

I did get a selfie with an undead knight.  It was a bit windy so I think I look worse than him!

Driving back through town last night, though, it looked really quiet so I’m not sure if some people are doing next weekend or not.

And talking of next weekend… I may be travelling, but I also may not be.  I was told I might need to go to the US again, but I’ve had no final decision, partly because I don’t think I’m worth the money for the reason they want me to go.  If I do end up being on a plane, this post will either be a day early or probably not happening.  I guess it could happen on the Sunday, but I’ll probably have to be keen after a long day.

And talking of a long day, it’s probably bedtime for me so just an update on me Pokedex!

This music below isn’t usually my thing, but I’m quite enjoying it.

Hope you’ve had a great week. Speak to you anon.

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