The Coffee That Once Was

Hello, if we were having a coffee I’d be having my 4th eggnog latte of the season.  Such creamy eggnoggy goodness.

And this week started with a distinctive Christmassy feel.  I was driving to work and started looking forward to the festivities.  Things like the Christmas parties, the food, the friends… And it felt a lot closer than it actually is.

Around this time three years ago, a lot of things started to go wrong in my life.  Just like I hadn’t been actively thinking about Christmas, I hadn’t been actively thinking about these things either but, at anniversaries, they seem to crop back up in a number of ways.  Sometimes, I seem to forget that things have changed and I expect phone calls or messages.  Other times I’m all too aware that things have changed.

It’s not always the immediate point at hand though that I remember.  It’s the people that helped me out, the routines I got in to and stuff like that.

So from that point of view, it’s been a bit of a weird week.  The other reason it’s been a busy week is at work.  I worked on a project for years and since I was moved off it it’s kind of quietly and very slowly rumbled on in the background.  One of my colleagues has been trying to get me back on it to help out for months and has finally succeeded.

It’s presented me with some logistical problems about how I do everything that I should have been doing plus the new workload.  However, it was the first meeting that really pissed me off.  Last time I was on the project, I was team lead and we implemented the biggest phase of the project we’d ever done in the shortest time we’d ever done it, with more success than has ever happened since.  There aren’t many people currently on it, especially in the team I’m in, who know that.  There also aren’t many people in my team who have ever done it before.  Without blowing my own trumpet too much, I’m arguably one of the two best qualified people on the team, but I’m being spoken to as just being administrative resource, and it’s bugging me.

I very much looked forward to the Bake Off final on Tuesday, but I can’t help but think that the wrong person won.  Rahul was the best baker for a large chunk of the series, true, but the final was definitely won by Kim-Joy.  (Ruby was definitely the winner in my eyes!)

I had football on Wednesday.  It is just a group of us and teams are picked by random number assignment – odds on one team, evens on another.  We’re of a standard where usually it doesn’t really matter who is on which team.  Every now and again it will become apparent that the teams are uneven and we’ll change things round a little.

This Wednesday, though, I don’t think the guy who decided to change things realised that the teams were even and it was just that one team was playing so much better than the other.  He changed things round which meant that I had to spend 15 minutes of the hour in goal, which I shouldn’t have had to do in a 7 a side game.

The end of the week has been a bit quiet.  I’ve watched some fireworks, but usually through windows – either house or car.  I watched the match with friends yesterday and I’ve done a few breakfasts.  I also went with my Dad to B&Q and he’s now finally buying in to my living room design idea.  My giant beanbag arrived this week, as did my new fire place.  One of my friends is trying to get me a trade discount on the paint I need, which is probably a good job because it’s really expensive.  So now I have two weeks in work followed by two weeks to transform the living room, and I’m really looking forward to it!

A few new Pokémon this week but strangely no more things to really show you!

This song I hadn’t listened to for ages but I’ve been really enjoying this week when I’ve heard it.  Try to listen for the guitar in isolation if you can, especially in the second half of the song.  I just love it!

Hope you’ve had a great week.

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