The Coffee With The Tantrum

Hey.  If we were having a coffee this week mine would be a free one cause I’ve got through my next 15.  I might buy yours for you though.

I ended up having a coffee last Monday morning, when I should have been in work.  If you’ve read these posts over the last few weeks, you’ll know that it’s been annoying me.  Within half an hour of getting in on Monday, I’d already got majorly PO’d.  I tried to get over it there and then, but I had to get out for a bit because I was going to start snapping at everyone.

I went to get a coffee and walked back to the office but it took me all day to get over it.  I was supposed to be going out Monday evening but I was just that annoyed I decided not to.  I knew I was being an arsehole too.  I definitely had the Devil on my shoulder being a bad influence.

The rest of the work week was spent just trying to get through.  It’s been a strange thing because I’m not sure if I’m right getting annoyed.  My annoyance stems from the fact that it seems to me that things were better “back in my day” when I was properly on this project.  It seems to have got worse in my absence, and the absence of a lot of amazing and talented people.  It is definitely different.  It’s not how I would do it, and the way I did it got great results.  Should that make the current way of doing it bad? We’ll deliver the result, I’m sure, but I’m also pretty sure it’s going to be a darn sight more difficult.

After all that, on Thursday we had a phone call saying that the current project was paused to allow another phase of it to catch up.  We decided to finish the bit that we were doing, but to remove the time pressure.  Unfortunately some other people didn’t catch that point about the time, which led to some arguments at the end of the week.

This weekend I’ve started the living room redecoration.  I wish I’d have kept a tab on how much this was costing me! Even a trip to pick up incidentals like masking tape and various fillers seems to cost me the thick end of £50! So I’ve cleared out the current (now past?!) shelves, started filling all the fine cracks from the house settling and done all the measurements for the new built in shelves.  Tomorrow I’ll start building them.  The fun bit of the preparation for that today was trying to find where to secure them.  There’s some bizarre building work happened in this house by the looks of it!

Poor Moo isn’t quite sure what’s going on.  He looks a little worried, but then comes to have a closer look.  He found a hole in the well from where a screw once was and put his paw over it.  Maybe it smelt funny or was producing a draft he didn’t like!

I got the Let’s Go! Pokemon game for my Switch on Friday.  I’m yet to be convinced it’s any good, but it’s time consuming!

That’s been about it, to be honest.  Next week I need to carry on hitting the living room hard.  I don’t have all my timings worked out cause I have no idea how long the building work will take, but I’m already thinking that painting is going to take ages, and that I won’t be able to get that for a while.  Anyway…

Hope you’ve had a good week.

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