In The News : Reasonable Targets

I’ve heard it said that it’s good to have targets.  Apparently they give you something to aim at while also, quite often for me, perpetuate disappointment.  To make that disappointment greater, you should set big goals.

All very negative of me, some might say.

Enter the President of the United States of America.  Donald has recently been viewing the devastation caused by California’s most destructive wildfires when he vowed to Make Climate Great Again.  Asked whether his views on climate change had changed, Trump said:

No. No. I have a strong opinion: I want great climate, we’re going to have that, and we’re going to have forests that are very safe.

I wasn’t sure I believed it either.

He did really say it.

Presumably he also wants great climate and icebergs that don’t melt, and great climate and sea levels that don’t rise, great climate with solid water system, diverse wildlife and diverse wildlife….

It’s a grand target.  The other phrase around targets is that if you aim for the moon you’ll hit the stars.  Saying that you want things as if they’re obtainable from Amazon sounds ridiculous, and is ridiculous.  Where are our boundaries, then, between what’s a reasonable target and us just being really negative?


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