The Coffee With The Start Of The Decorating

Hey.  If we were having a coffee this week, I kinda feel like it should be tea, strong tea, normally associated with builders.

This week began the long awaited redecorating / renovating of my living room.  I’ve never built shelves before, so had no idea how long it would take.  The YouTube videos made it look relatively easy so I was fairly optimistic that after a couple of days I would 7 new shelves, or at least the frames for them (it’s floating shelves that we’re doing).

Remembering that my Dad once stopped me from replacing light bulbs until he came around to help and relegated me to passing said bulbs to him to put in, he has also been allowing me to help him with the shelves.  We did the first four shelves, and I realised that I’d sawn one piece of wood (each shelf uses 7 in the frame), used a drill three times and otherwise had only been allowed to use a screwdriver.

The first four took us a long time – longer than I think we were both expecting.  Because my walls are pretty uneven, each piece needed to be cut individually, and each of the three surfaces we were attaching the frames to was slightly different in construction, meaning that we also had to use different fixings.  Yesterday we finished the final three frames far faster than we thought as I think we realised that mass production of all the pieces (with slightly less accuracy) was the way to go, but the results are still really good.

Today we had a look at the best way of mounting this massive TV bracket that I’ve bought, and I think we’re settling on cutting out a piece of plaster board and inserting some wood to fit the hole, allowing is a much more solid surface to go through and in to the breeze block.  Again, though, it’s going to take time and I’m a bit concerned that I’m going to be nowhere near where I wanted to be before going back to work.  I think I’m going to need to do some planning next week to make the most of it.  I need to at least get the walls painted.

I discovered that, if I ran my own business, I’d definitely be the R&D, Design, Marketing, Procurement and Logistics functions, probably less so Production.  I have excelled in finding more stuff to buy.  I already had a light fitting, but made an executive decision that spotlighting was not the way to go, so I now have another new light.  I’ve bought curtains, and these have annoyed me because I really only need just over half the length on three pairs, and only one of the curtains from the other pair.  It feels a waste, but the only other way is to have them custom made and that costs more than I’m prepared to pay.

Other than this, it’s been a quiet week.  Every trip out pretty much has been to get supplies, at least in part.  It feels weird, sat here on a Sunday evening knowing that I don’t need to go back to work tomorrow.  I think I still have a day to take off, meaning that I really only have two full weeks left in the office before Christmas!

Apologies to regulars who might have been expecting a post on Friday.  So was I.  I have one that I want to write in light of something that’s happened since a post a few weeks ago, but I want to get it right and I didn’t feel like I left myself time to write it and one thing led to another so you’ll probably see it next week.

I’ve had some good food this week! Last night I got the new cheeseburger pizza from Dominos.  It probably needs some more beef on it than I got, but was otherwise pretty good.  I also had to have cookies half way through, to ease the demolition.

Forgetting that I had left over pizza for breakfast, I got a gingerbread latte and to gingerbread Rudolphs which, all things considered in the benefit of hindsight, was too much gingerbread in that space of time.  I remember making gingerbread at a friend’s place years ago and she made up the recipe and we ended up having to bake it in batches because of how much we had.  I didn’t quite have that much this time!

And the other thing I tried was the crunchy caramel M&Ms.  They’re amazing.

Three new Pokemon this week, although one was a trade.

And I think that that’s about it.

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