The Coffee With The Very Late Night

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week it would be a tough decision on whether it was a double or single espresso at just after 3am this morning in an attempt to stay awake.

We decided that it would be a good idea to watch the boxing this morning, Wilder v Fury.  We’d had a bit of a rush job trying to find a way to get it off the internet and on to a TV but found a solution, so then the only question was how far prior to a 4.30am fight we wanted to go out.

The answer was about 7 hours.  By the time I left my friend’s flat at just after 6am, I think I was the only person who hadn’t been asleep at some point during the fight.

I left some of them in a bar at around 3 cause I had the munchies.  One of my friends hadn’t made in to that bar because he decided to stay with a couple of girls we’d met earlier in the night who the bouncers wouldn’t let in, but I couldn’t find him (or them) when I left.  Three of us met back up at the flat and there was still no sign of him and he wasn’t answering his phone.  He eventually turned up bleeding profusely from a  finger as he’d tried to get through or over a barrier at the end of a closed road.

I got home at 7.31, gave Moo his breakfast and went to bed for a few hours.  I’ve done late night / early morning driving on many an occasion.  This is the most nervous I’ve been doing it.  I was very tired!  If I’d have felt unsafe, I wouldn’t have done it, but I still felt it right to turn on as many sensors and driving aids on the car as I could!

I got up at midday and basically just sat, hence why I’m having to do this post late!  I went to Liverpool to watch the Derby, with Liverpool beating Everton with a 96th minute winner.  There were scenes! A few of the guys next to me had already left (I still don’t know why people do that) but at the end of the game I seem to have been joined by a few from a row or two further back.

I needed to ring someone on my way home, but had no voice.  The fact I was supposed to be at a gig this evening if it hadn’t have been cancelled… I would be very much struggling if it was still on.

Obviously yesterday I got to start having chocolate for breakfast.

My living room decoration is going very slowly.  Paint still hasn’t happened.  The new sofa is still in boxes and now joined by a new dishwasher for the kitchen too.  I did, though, get to make a hole in the wall with a hammer, which was fun.  I can’t really remember doing anything fun this week because of building these sodding floating shelves!

Moo helped again.  He’s spent most of his days sleeping on my bed while there’s been drilling and sawing and other loud noises.  When we weren’t building, he wouldn’t leave the living room, making the most of it while he had it!

In an attempt to tidy up the corner of the room that the TV will go in, I went in to the loft to attempt to thread the satellite cable between wall and plaster board.  Let’s just say that someone who is 190cm tall struggled.  There was much swearing, especially when I got cramp trying to contort myself round a joist.  I also go my sock stuck on a nail (I didn’t want to wear shoes because of the extra height and because I wanted to feel where I was putting my feet) and ended up cutting open the bottom of my big toe and not realising until I saw all the marks of blood on the floor from me walking around on it.  Thank goodness for wooden floor rather than carpet!

My toe has been in the wars.  It gets stood on a lot when I play football and the nail was coming off, so I had to tape it up which cause it to hurt more at football on Tuesday night.

I had to go for a blood test.  I was very brave.

I tend not to talk too much about how I’m feeling on things other than work anymore, and that’s usually me venting.  For some reason this week, though, I’ve been feeling down.  I can’t even say that it’s simple things, but simple things seem to be getting on top of me making the bigger things harder to deal with.  I also wonder if all the disruption at home isn’t helping.  For some reason I feel close to things that shouldn’t be there, and that’s getting to me.

Next week I’m back at work.  I think I have some more days off that I can book, so I’ll really only have two full weeks in the office before Christmas and (potentially) another two weeks off, followed by another few weeks in and another week off, which I should be able to deal with.

I hope you had a good week.

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