In The News : Netflix and Fury

Last week I paid hundreds of pounds of bills before I even started getting my head round the day.  One was road tax, and the other was my TV Licence.

The TV Licence is the one that always hurts me.  Back in the day, when the BBC showed football on a Saturday afternoon I maybe wouldn’t have minded paying for it but, as the years have passed, there is less and less that I actually watch on a non-commercial TV channel.  I don’t even listen to any non-commercial radio stations.

The means that £150.50 to watch Wimbledon for two weeks in the summer is quite expensive.

The truth is that I get far more value out of the fortune I give Sky or Netflix every month, because what they produce is just better.  However, HMRC are currently examining Netflix’s accounts to check that they’ve paid enough tax in the UK.

So I have a few words for HMRC…


I have a few more words about boxer Tyson Fury.  I’m not his biggest fan.  I think I’ve previously gone on record to say that I don’t like him due to his homophobic views and views on women.

In 2015, Fury took the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, The Ring and Lineal heavyweight titles when he beat Wladimir Klitchsko in Dusseldorf.  This left him nothing else to aim at and an audience with no interest anymore in what he had to say.  At his lowest ebb, Fury found himself driving down a motorway at 190mph in his Ferrari, aiming at a bridge with the thought of ending it all.  He’d been on benders, drinking and taking drugs and putting on weight.  He was suffering with mental health issues.

He pulled over and decided that the greatest fight of his life was about to start.

Fury seemed relatively not fussed about his fight with Deontay Wilder at the weekend.   He considered himself to have already fought his greatest demons.

Before, every single day for me was a grey day. And some people might not know what I am talking about when I say that, but every day shouldn’t be a grey day. Because life is a blessing. And now I know that every day is a rose-coloured, sunshine day. Which I appreciate. I appreciate every second, every hour, every day, because life is so very short.

It’s a perspective that could have blunted Fury’s desire to win at the weekend.  In fact, even though the fight ended in a split decision draw that many felt denied Fury the final finishing touches to his journey, Fury has completed one of the greatest sporting comebacks.  He sought help, he battled and he picked himself up from the canvas both literally and metaphorically to show the spirit of a true champion.

After his win in Dusseldorf, Fury was nominated for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.  His response was to say that Jessica Ennis-Hill looks good in a dress.  I felt he was undeserving of the accolade.  Should a nomination follow again this year, while I can not agree with Fury’s most controversial views, I would greatly respect his fight back to the top and the example that that should set.

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