Petty Hates : Gift Tags

OK, time to make this official.

When it comes to the festive season, there is very little that annoys me.  It’s my favourite time of year.  However, as much as it is a time for giving, it’s also a time for wasting.

Wasting paper.

Gifts come wrapped in wrapping, and on that wrapping we put paper to write a name on.  To make the wrapping look nice, we stick it down with single use plastic.  We send paper wrapped in paper to friends via a supply chain that uses petrochemicals as an energy source.

It’s ridiculously wasteful.

Someone that I work with doesn’t wrap her daughter’s Christmas presents.  There is a thought that it’s tight and ruins some of the magic of the day for the child in question.  Apparently it’s set up like a toy shop, though.  Either way, it is saving waste.

Gift tags are the ones that really annoy me.  You have a surface that you can already write on, so why do you need another?

That got me thinking about Christmas cards.  They usually have a sentiment written on them, at least something like “Merry Christmas”.  The address that would usually be written on the envelope will give away who it is from, so why write them? How about just don’t write in it, and let the recipient recycle it with a new envelope next year?

This isn’t supposed to be a bah-humbug post though, but more of one to maybe think about what you’re doing this Christmas.  Wrapping paper is actually not so much paper, and not entirely recyclable, if at all.  The tape we put on it makes the problem worse, so why not use brown parcel paper and string for a traditional look that can be recycled?  eCards might not look so nice on the mantle piece (because you can’t really put them there without displaying your computer), but they are more efficient.

So I’m getting this post in early, so you can maybe think twice about what you do this Christmas.  And if my family are reading this – NO GIFT TAGS!


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