The Coffee With Pancakes, Wishes And Work

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week, we’d be celebrating the end of the Great National Eggnog Shortage 2018.

I went back to work on Monday.  Not sure how refreshed I felt, to be honest.  I was still tired but mentally I felt I was a bit more prepared to face it.

Interestingly, I didn’t have so many e-mails that I needed to do anything with when I got in.  It was surprising just how few I had.  Maybe just two or three that actually required my attention, from two weeks.  That makes me think that I’m actually generating my own work.

My frustration began when I started trying to move a few things and noticed that everything I sent was being forwarded on to people who shouldn’t have been having a say in it.  I’ve long thought that the “community” if I phrase it that way around the area I work in is too large, and it’s not clear what some people do (if anything).

It would appear, though, that some people aren’t happy with this massive team and are adding more to it.  It’s being added to at the level of “manager” rather than “I know what the hell is going on and am prepared to do something about it.”

I had my biweekly 1:1 with my boss, which I skewed more towards asking him what my job actually was than he was obviously prepared for.  He told me what his expectation was which I contradicted with the reality on more than one occasion.  I think he was even less prepared for some of other things I told him.

I don’t like having to be like this, but there comes a point where I think I have to, because the alternative at the moment is to take the you-know-what because I’m thinking I could actually get away with doing nothing.  I could become the person I hate because there are now so many people I could effectively delegate my entire workload to the people with job titles who have the responsibility to see whether they actually have the ability to match.  If they do, I’ll not keep needing to put myself through this, because I’ll be seen as being surplus.  If they don’t, people might notice what I actually do.

I thought that I should have had updates on Friday, and I didn’t.  We shall see what Monday brings.

This weekend was our work Christmas Do.  A group of us went to go watch Liverpool beat Bournemouth at the pub before we headed to play crazy golf at Junkyard in Manchester.  Quite how there was only one injury I don’t know.  One of our party thought that the trick was just to hit the ball as hard as possible at every opportunity.  On one occasion this meant that the ball ricocheted from the first floor course that we were on down the ground floor one and another group of people underneath.

I liked reading this wish on a Christmas tree.  As materialistic as it might be, I liked the fact amongst all the people wishing for health for loved ones, cures of cancer and a family getting “the letter they want”, it was nice to see a kid actually asking for what they really wanted.

After that I got hot chocolate and Dutch pancakes with Nutella so I was happy.

The only gossip that will make Monday interesting was two people falling out, but given that they’re also married to each other it could well be worked out by then too.  The traffic out of Manchester was immense, so I decided to go round it while dropping someone off, which meant that I needed service station petrol on the way home.  I dripped in as little as possible at over 25p per litre  more than the rest of it that I filled up with today.  I’m not one of those that quibbles over a few pence per litre but that was considerable.

I don’t know whether to write a post about this, partly because I don’t know whether I’m just suffering from work issues and the fact that my house is still a mess with decorating, but I’ve been in a funny head space recently and it’s something that I want to have a think about.

So, in other news…  Erm, not much this week, to be honest.  I got a shiny Shinx and a shiny Misdreavus.

I got freaked out by the eyes on this snowman.

And I think that was about it.  I hope you had a good week and I’ll speak to you next Sunday.

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