The Stupidly Quick Coffee

Hello!  If we were having a coffee this week it would be quick cause it’s already my bedtime and I’ve just set a 5.30am alarm because I’m determined to get as much decorating in the living room finished before Friday evening as I can, which involves using all the time I can find from both ends of the day.

I finally got the fronts on the shelves and they look great.  I asked a friend with a big saw to come and cut them for me.  It’s the sort of thing he does for a living, so I should probably have asked him to do the whole things and he’d have got them done a helluva faster than I/we did.  But I’ve literally within the last ten minutes finished sanding and washing them so I’ll get up early tomorrow to undercoat and prime them before work, and then I’ll do them again when I get home so that they’ll be ready for glossing.

The coffee won’t necessarily be as quick as the one a guy behind me in the queue at Starbucks on Friday night might have been expecting.  He came in mumbling to himself and looking fairly unkempt.  He was served, charged £2 for a “small, black and strong coffee”.  He dropped one of his pound coins but it was OK – “I think I can bend down and pick it up.” He did, but in the distance it took him to walk from the till to the end of the bar, plus the time it took me to order, he declared that he has waited long enough and was leaving.

That was before I went to go see Josh Groban in concert.  Was an amazing night, I stupidly enjoyed it.  What I didn’t enjoy this week was going to play football on Wednesday.  I’ve had a bit of a cold this week, accompanied by a wisdom tooth coming through which has meant that I’ve felt like I’ve spent most of the week dribbling and wanting a spit bucket.  I asked the guy who organises football whether he needed me to play because we were still so short on numbers I thought he might be cancelling.  He didn’t take the hint, at all, at any stage of my asking and explaining, and we were called on at just after 5pm.

I rocked up dressed as warm as I could get to find that we had 6v5 on a 5v5 pitch.  Irritation number one.  Number two was the fact that it was 4 celsius, and number 3 was the fact that we had 20mph winds blowing.  The game was awful too, and I had to pull over to be sick on the side of the road on the way home which is always a delightful experience and which I haven’t needed to do since I was kid and threw up on a French couple while crossing the Channel on a ferry.

The only other thing interesting that happened this week was at work.  Two Friday’s ago I found another internal job advert that wasn’t necessarily for my job, but would have covered a large chunk of it.  On Monday morning I read an organisational announcement of some changed happening in my “space” as is now the term.  Having had enough, I contacted a long time colleague, also in my area, who I trusted to ask what was going in.

Alas, it appears that no-one seemed to know what this new job was or that it was happening.  It turns out that a few people have been having conversations about what I do or certainly what I should be doing and no-one has really worked it out yet.  It was nice for the first time in a while for someone actually to tell me that I was more than useful.  I think that the three people who need to know that I want some solidity do now know, and I think they’re having a conversation.

So that’s my week.  I’m sorry it’s short and there’s no pictures or a great deal of thought in it, but I have a few priorities that may also curtail next week’s posts but I’ll see what happens.  Until then…


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