The Christmas Coffee Catch Up

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, it would be in an attempt to ward off the effects of the food coma.  Actually, for me, it might be for more than that.

When we last spoke I said that I might not post for a while in an attempt to get my living room decorated.  I expected to get it done in the two weeks I took off work to do it at the end of November I think it was.  When that didn’t happen I starting aiming for the Friday before Christmas when I was due to have friends round.  Alas, that didn’t happen either.

I got up between 5am and 5.30 every morning to get a few hours painting in every day before work.  I got in as close to 6pm as I could and finished as close to midnight every night as was reasonable with a few nights and mornings missed from that rota.  By Christmas morning I was two coats of paint away from completion of the decorating, but both surfaces were in close proximity and two different colours and, oddly, I couldn’t really be bothered doing it on Christmas Day.

I did manage to squeeze in an hour today and get it finished though.  All that I need to do now is move back in all the things I want to keep and, more importantly, get rid of all the stuff I don’t.  As exciting as this sounds, I’m going to do another post on this a bit later so not going to give too much away now.

When I haven’t had a paint brush in my hands, I’ve been enjoying seeing friends old and new and family.  I went out with some old colleagues a week or so ago.  It’s always nice to see them, especially as they’re all people of great experience that I respect greatly.  They’re the people that I learnt from what I would like to do, rather than the people setting the example that I don’t want to follow.  My ex-boss was in my ear a lot of the night and was really just reiterating the experience I know I need before I move elsewhere, so at least that’s a bit of plan.

I went out on Christmas Eve again.  We always used to go out on Christmas Eve and it was a good night.  We used to go bowling and then those who needed to go home could, and the rest of went out to see in Christmas Day.  Nowadays, everywhere just seems to be closed.  When it was closed last year I just assumed it was because it was a Sunday, but we weaved our way round most of Manchester before finding somewhere to eat and everywhere for a drink was empty.

I really fancied a McDonald’s milkshake on my way home, but even that wasn’t open.

Christmas feels a little strange this year because I haven’t put decorations up this year.  The tree is the other side of the spare room and not really readily accessible.  I didn’t have time to build this year’s Christmas Lego so I’ll get double the excitement next year, although I will be a bit miffed if it’s cheaper next year.

Christmas Day went without too many issues.  I started the wrapping of family presents at about 10am on Christmas morning.  I have two pairs of kitchen scissors and at least 3 pairs of other ones but couldn’t find any, so ended up cutting paper with a carving knife, and didn’t hurt myself which is more impressive than it sounds.  I vowed this year that I’d use up wrapping paper that I had rather than buying more, and didn’t even use one roll because all the gifts I bought were small.

My brother had been complaining of being ill, but had taken some tablets for nausea that he was given when travelling to Caribbean and he made it through.  My grandmother for whom Dad spent ages searching for the simplest of simple DVD players decided that she also wants an Amazon Echo despite not knowing what it is but that “it looks good.”  We only had one mention of my Grandad who died earlier this year so she did quite well, and I mean that in the positive sense.  My Mum now has an iPhone, but seems to want to e-mail rather than text message.

I tried to attach the TV to the wall today but the bolts that came with the bracket aren’t the ones I need so they’ve been Primed and should be arriving on Friday which I’m finding more exciting than I should.  I went to the match today, with Liverpool beating Newcastle 4-0.  That just makes it feel a little more like Christmas didn’t really happen, which is weird because I really like Christmas.

Having said that, I really hope you’ve had a great time with your families and friends if you’ve been celebrating.  I’ll speak to you next time.

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