The New Year 2019 Coffee

Ah, the coffee before I go back to work.  I have no idea what my network password is so hopefully IT are in tomorrow when I get there.  As for the coffee we’re having, have you tried the new “cereal” latte in Starbucks? It’s made with oat milk and apparently has some cereal powder in, like mashed up cheerios.  I’m not lying when I say that I couldn’t decide whether I like it or not – my opinion was polarised at every sip.

Now, I thought we’d already had this coffee, maybe on New Year’s Day.  I went out on New Year’s Eve, as I usually do despite saying that I won’t the previous year.  Usually we start with McDonalds, but this year that’s how we ended at 3 in the morning and it was arguably the busiest place I saw.

After dinner (much earlier than 3am and healthier that Maccies) we ended up in Manahatta on Deansgate in Manchester.  I’d never been before but really liked the ambience of the place.  It’s New York themed and a restaurant that turns in to a bar, so kind of like my ideal place!

I was watching my own watch tick down to midnight and with only 4 seconds left there was no sign of anything.  Long enough after midnight for me to start complaining about the lack of Auld Lang Syne as well as countdown, I heard a loud bang and something hit the back of my head.  I wasn’t sure whether to check for blood or not!  Turns out the bar staff had giant party poppers and I’d been hit by the rubber bung off the end of one, which became a little more apparent once the streamers also came down in out drinks.

Opposite us was the most miserable looking couple I think I’ll see all year.  Three girls left very quickly, all in tears and we saw a lot of that on our walk to chicken nuggets.  One group of people celebrated the new year by tipping the remainder of a wine cooler over their friend.  Pretty sure I saw everything, or would have done if another couple had gone only slightly further than they chose to.

New Year’s Day was spent doing what you’re supposed to do on that day – sleep late, go for a walk, go to the pub.

I went sale shopping on Wednesday, but ended up with just two work shirts.  Years ago there was a leather bomber jacket that I wanted.  It was far more than I can even justify now let alone on the salary I was on then.  I’d forgotten about until I was rummaging through some shirts and came across three leather jackets.  Two of them, both size XL, looked pretty battered.  The third, however, was my size and was the one I looked at all those years ago and it looked in really good condition.  That was until I started to unzip it to try it on and found a big graze that I didn’t think could be repaired or mitigated for that amount of money.  A couple of hundred quid saved, anyway.

Thursday was the clear out day from the living room renovations.  It was so nice to have my rooms back!  I hadn’t thrown out any cardboard for recycling until that day (I only wanted one trip to the tip) and I had paint brushes and other tools all over the place.  I’d let the rest of the house slip to an extent as well, partly because I had stuff spread all over it and it didn’t seem worth trying to hard in the circumstances.  So it was nice to get floor space cleared and get Sucky (my robotic vacuum cleaner) back to it.  It’s been sorely missed!

Moo is much happier too, although he does appear to have developed a liking for sleeping in the bedroom.  He has his breakfast and goes back to bed, and he has dinner and goes for a sleep.  He comes to check on me every now and again.  He also didn’t want me to get rid of the old curtains when they make such a comfy place for sits.

My latest project is cat related.  Moo can be a bit of a messy eater.  I don’t know how he does it, but I was determined that he wouldn’t be getting food up the newly painted wall so I’ve been making a splash back.  I wanted this to be entirely my project but lack of tools and inclination to buy them for such infrequent use meant that I at least got to cut a few pieces of wood before sticking them together.

I don’t know why I decided to put that middle piece in either.  I think it was just that it was left over and I decided that it may as well go somewhere.

I’d read this advice that you could paint a few layers and then sand it smooth, recoat, resand etc and you’d get a really smooth finish.  I did two undercoats (using up the really cheap white emulsion I bought to cover the red walls in the living room before using the proper paint) and sanded and it appears to work.  So I’ve done another undercoat and I’ll gloss over that, sand again and then final coat it.  That’s if I don’t get bored.

The end of the week, then, has felt a little weird with no commitments.  I’ve filled it with a new game for my Playstation…

And getting annoyed with tiny cars taking up the space that at least two if not three could have got in.  I’m not sure how it could have stopped three on its own, but I couldn’t help but think that it would be very tight to fit one in front and behind.

I was supposed to go out last night but friends cried off with colds, which meant I stayed in with the Playstation until films interrupted.  I watched Life Itself which has been largely panned as one of the worst films ever and quite enjoyed it and then Ready Player One which I should have liked but couldn’t get in to.

I have caught new Pokemon over the last few weeks, but I’ve been neglecting these posts a bit as priorities have crept in.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the festivities and, if you haven’t got back to it yet and need to, that it’s not too bad.

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