In The News : Tourist Difficulties

An interesting week in the news for being a tourist.

An Indian businessman was so annoyed with the service he received at the hotels he stayed in during a visit to Inverness-shire that he bought them to show them how it should have been done.  Sanjay Narang took the step after paying £120 a night for what he claimed were dirty rooms, cold water and microwaved meals served by a carpenter.

To be fair, the guy was hired by the hotel as a carpenter but was then asked to do some cooking.

Narang made his money in the industry before selling the business.  He bought three hotels in Scotland at a cost of £3m and plans on spending another £6m refurbishing them.

It was an extreme measure.  He could maybe have taken a leaf out the book of British tourists in ringing his embassy when he needed assistance.

One tourist in Dehli wanted vegetarian sausages and heard a rumour that the British Embassy stocked them.  A holidaymaker in Spain demanded help swapping hotel rooms after a stray cat “broke in” and peed on the bed. Someone in America wanted a quick update on the latest round of Strictly Come Dancing.

I think my favourite ones are those from Brits looking for love.  One in Italy wanted help organising a wedding with tickets to see the Pope.  A step before that, and someone in Argentina rang the British Embassy for a list of local women to marry.  A guy just starting on his romantic journey, in my favourite reported call, rang the embassy in Poland to ask whether there were known vampires in the country.  Apparently his Polish date asked him what his blood type was!

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