The Coffee Where Things Were Liked And Disliked

Evening.  Last week I said that we might have a “cereal” latte.  Let’s not.  I’ve decided that I don’t really like them after all, even given last week’s assertion that I couldn’t make up my mind.

What I do like are my new slippers.

I, in all honesty, don’t need slippers.  I have one pair of gorilla feet ones, and I have one pair of Thermolite ones, only I don’t because I think that I’ve lost one of each.  I think it because I can’t say that I’ve really looked for them, but I have looked for things where they should be and each time I remember thinking that slippers would be good to keep my feet warm and yet I’ve done nothing about it.

So I was buying some cushions before because falling asleep with my head on the footrest that accompanies the bean bag I got as a “guest chair” isn’t so comfortable and they had these slippers half price and so, on a whim, I purchased.  They’re super toasty and, well, fluffy!

We’ll see how long it lasts before I lose one of these ones.  I’ve often thought that I should buy lounge wear given that, while I’m wearing clothes, it’s jeans, and I have a habit of wearing them out quickly.  I could increase the lifespan of the jeans if I’d just buy something to wear round the house and leave the jeans to work hours plus commuting time (plus the time where going out without pants / in lounge wear is frowned upon).  I know, though, that I’d remember to get changed for about a week, and then I wouldn’t.  So if I’m still wearing the slippers next week, I’ll be impressed.

I’ve actually liked quite a few things this week.  I’m appreciating the work that my robotic vacuum is doing, and I also really enjoyed watching Narcos on Netflix.

I’ve also been watching and loving You.  It’s a really interesting “social media horror” as Rotten Tomatoes calls it with an undercurrent, for me at least, of a theme about how far it is reasonable to go to mould a relationship.  I’m not talking about murder or stalking, obviously, but feeling that someone is worth it and so learning enough about someone else so that you can make yourself perfect for them.

I didn’t score at football this week.  It was a rubbish game really.  Small sided games need to be played with energy and we had too many players who didn’t.  Unfortunately they aren’t always the most technically gifted ones which means them staying at the top end if the pitch doesn’t help us score, and their lack of help in defence means that we’ll concede and, for those like me, get annoyed by it.

I made what I considered to be a well timed sprint from defence in to attack on the break.  I was watching other runs to work out where best to go.  I’d got so far up the pitch by the time we were dispossessed that my slow down from the run took me off the other end of the pitch.  I saw a long pass get cleared and thought, “it’s OK, Barbara (the name I give to anyone I don’t want to identify) will cover for me.” In this case, there were actually two Barbaras and, alas, they were both stood still.

In a full sided game playing with shape makes sense, but even then you hope that a teammate will cover for you where necessary.  Sprinting past teammates in each direction, from a distance too, is irritating  A few (well mannered) pieces of advice were passed on.

Moo has also been happier this week.  Since I decorated the living room he’s spent a lot of time in the bedroom.  He hasn’t quite been on it and I think the disruption has been bothering him.  I gave him his Dreamies up stairs (my living room is upstairs) the other morning and I think he’s kind of realised that the living room is still his too.  He’s spent time on sofas and playing with rugs and he went and lay on the window once I replaced a tatty cushion with one of the new ones.

He did get caught on my new security camera though as a possible intruder!

It’s been my first week at work of the year, Monday being my first day.  I’ve tried to start drinking more water.  On Monday, that meant that I had to temporarily park at the front of the office in the guest parking, run inside, pee, and then move the car to the proper car park.  I felt that I couldn’t risk that extra distance that morning I needed to pee so badly!

Needless to say, the thing that had been rumbling all last year is still rumbling now, starting from the beginning, again.  So I’ve thought of another way to attempt to cut through the rubbish, but it’s taking me a long time to prepare.  I never realised that I could be fussy even with flowcharts.

I think it’s just the three new Pokémon this week, all shiny and all from yesterday’s Community Day.

It’s been a solid first full week of 2019.  Hope yours has been too.  I also rediscovered Andrew McMahon… I think some people who might read my posts regularly probably skip the song I try to put at the end of all my posts, but I would recommend checking him out in his numerous guises.


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