In The News : Non-Existent Gender Equality and Vampires

The Gender Equality Awards in the UAE have been a great success.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, vice-president of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, said:

The achievements of Emirati women today reaffirm the wise vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, who believed in the importance of the role of women, and their right to work and become key partners in society.

The Dubai government kind of disagreed, by saying that awards were given for “initiatives and programmes undertaken by various government entities to promote equal opportunities for both men and women”.

Unfortunately all the departments that won awards on the night were represented by men.  Good work.

An expert has determined that a vampire killing kit bought by the Royal Armouries in Leeds for £7500 was a fake.

The boxes were claimed to be from the 19th century and contained a crucifix, a pistol, wooden stakes and a mallet, and vials of holy water and holy earth.  Oh, and garlic paste.

Armouries’ Keeper of Firearms Jonathan Ferguson thinks that artefacts in the kit are old, most likely Victorian, but that the kit was put together in the 1970s, conveniently after the 1958 Dracula film made the legend popular.  Ferguson thinks that other collectors will also have been duped.

Surely that’s a given, though? I mean, of course the kits are fake considering that vampires themselves don’t exist?!

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