Snowboarding 2019 : Day 1

Falls : 4
Crashes : 1
Off Piste Excursions : 1
Injuries : None noticeable
Hot Chocolates : 3

An enjoyable (geez, the cursor on the WordPress app is a lot bigger than I remember) first day in the powder in a rather dull Val Thorens. The weather got worse throughout the day so I called it a day when lifts were being closed early.

I seemed to be strangely taken by being able to see the shape of snowflakes landing on me. I don’t know if this has never happened before or not, but I couldn’t remember it.

My one crash… I got the board stuck in a pile of snow and fell forward down the mountain. Scorpion Season well and truly arrived as my back bend-ability was tested.

I went off piste not noticing the edge of the mountain. I saw the post after I went past it and got a face full of snow. I looked up and could only see white (courtesy of the conditions) and thought I was buried. Thankfully I wasn’t.

Good day all in all.

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