Snowboarding 2019 : Day 3

Falls : 1
Crashes : 0
Off Piste Excursions : 0
Injuries : None noticeable
Hot Chocolates : 1

The worst hot chocolate day yet. In my defence, I had to have a break in the afternoon to come back to the chalet to get money for aprés which I didn’t use as my party went straight back rather than joining me at the bar.

I (the non-drinker) did get a shot for helping to collect glasses though.

Snowboarding-wise, I really couldn’t be bothered this morning. I forced myself out and then decided to see how fast I was going but I’m not sure the app worked because I really doubt that my first run was the fastest.

It was attempting a speed run that I fell, and heard a crack in my neck, but it feels OK.

Still disappointed about the hot chocolates though.

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