Snowboarding 2019 : Day 4

Falls : 1
Crashes : 0
Off Piste Excursions : 2
Injuries : None noticeable
Hot Chocolates : 2

Might have to settle on a new par for hot chocolates as my morning one is going AWOL due to my general pre-lunch lethargy.

Getting up this morning was hard. Although not injured, the aches are creeping in. I wouldn’t mind looking left at something to be honest (I’m a goofy snowboarder so always look right).

Had a bit of a potter round. Played off piste for a bit in some of the less groomed parts of the mountain which was fun.

My one fall came courtesy of a skier as I was approaching the last lift of the day who got so close to me I couldn’t make a small adjustment for a bump in the run. I don’t think I’ve had a day without a fall before.

Overall, a day to sit back and admire the views. Chalet host night off tonight. I could do with a quiet one but doubt that’s gonna happen!

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