The Coffee With A Bit More About My Holiday

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week, it would be nice to have it inside because this week I’ve been drinking a lot of hot chocolate outside this week.

If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram pictures below or posts over the week, I’ve been away snowboarding this week in Val Thorens in the French Alps.  My snowboarding revolves around not snowboarding… That’s to say that I snowboard to my first hot chocolate, then to my lunch, then to my second hot chocolate, and then back to the chalet for cake.  After having dinner, I then don’t snowboard to the pub.

I’m not one of these people who worries about doing every run, or getting a certain distance or speed throughout the day.  I like to have fun, so I loved the powder on the first day, but not so much when the light was bad.  On the last day I was just pottering around on the snow on the edge of the pistes, working out that it’s far easier to jump off-piste to on than vice versa where I just tended to sink!

One day I put Ski Tracks on on my phone and really went for it, but I’m not sure it was working because it recorded my fastest speed as the first run of the day and I’m sure it wasn’t.  It certainly didn’t feel like it.

I wasn’t that impressed with Crystal who we booked with this time.  I’ve used them before, but this time they didn’t have reps on the transfer bus, they didn’t make breakfast when they said they would so making first lifts was hard, they didn’t know the wifi password for the chalet and they didn’t vacuum the rooms all week… Our chalet hosts were nice enough but the consensus was that it felt like they were there to feed us and go skiing themselves rather than making our holiday.

When they weren’t feeding us, on their night off, I tried snails and a creme brûlée flambéed with génépi.  I wouldn’t have the snails again, although pleased that I tried them.  They were just a bit chewy.  The dessert was lovely.

That wasn’t the first time I had alcohol this holiday.  I was given a shot for helping the waitress collect empty glasses in an aprés bar called Snesko.  It was awesome! The music was great, but they never stopped letting people in so it got stupidly packed.

Other food highlights came from the first day tartiflette which was basically just potatoes with a massive wedge of cheese on top.

I stayed in room number 1, but it did also have a number 3 on the door frame, which annoyed me a little!

I was strangely enamoured by being able to see snow flakes clearly.

I know it feels obvious to say, but when you’re in the mountains it reminds you how big the world is.  All you can see, as far as you can see, is snow and mountains.

I really enjoyed it, but I was ready to come back home.  I’m not sure if it’s home sickness anymore of just boredom.  Maybe even boredom isn’t the right word.  My interest in the new possibilities becomes outweighed by what I could be doing with the additional freedom of being at home.  I’d done some snowboarding, now I wanted to do something else.

Our flight back home was delayed because two people managed to go missing in the airport.  The person picking me up was supposed to be using my season ticket to go with someone else to the match in Liverpool instead, but when they’re friend bottled it, it was decided that they’d pick me up to go to the match with them instead and we’d see how much of it we’d miss.  This was a good job as I picked my back up off the belt at 13.44, and my one and only train back home was leaving the other side of the airport at 13.47.

My head was banging due the altitude changes and the little bit of a cold I had (possibly some dehydration too), but I was walking down the stairs in the stadium just as the game was kicking off, which I think was perfect timing.  Liverpool won 3-0, which is a good way to arrive back home.

I planned on doing somethings last night but it would appear that I fell asleep at around 20.30 having polished off a Chinese takeaway.

Moo was very pleased to see me come home and literally hasn’t left my side since.  He was nudging me for his breakfast before 7am this morning though, so he nearly got put in another room while I slept!

Before I went away I committed to something which will be a major challenge to me, both physically and mentally.  Because of the size of that challenge, I’m not sure I’m going to talk about it too much yet, in case I decide I need more time and change plans slightly.  I’m not saying that because I want to quit already, but there might be a more practical option.  I started the preparation today, though, and it went OK.

Two new Pokémon while I was away.

I hope you’ve had a great week too.  I’ll speak to you next week when I’ve settled back in to normality.

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