Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 41 Days To Go

Yesterday was easy enough if thoroughly un-enjoyable – let’s go a bit further.  I don’t know specifically how much further I was intending to go, but I’d planned to run to a local church and back.

As I got to the church, I felt that I was bouncing and my pace was good and I could hear a friend’s voice in my ear telling me that I “just have to go for it”, so I carried on.

This isn’t the first time I’ve trained for a run – I’ve done 10km races twice in the past.  The thing I learnt from doing those is that I am someone who can persist and get it done.  I trained and trained for the first one and ran it in 48 minutes, considerably under the 60 minutes I was aiming at knowing not what to expect.

The second time I did it I completely forgot I’d entered.  I was travelling every week to work and eating far too much.  I went out the weekend before and ran 10km.  I couldn’t walk for three days but ran the race in 41 minutes, and then couldn’t walk for another 2 days.  So I know that I can push myself, often a little harder than I should.

However, it wasn’t far after the church that I felt the bounce disappear and the effort to lift my feet increased.  Tiredness is fine, but my left hip had begun to niggle and while I was fine with muscle soreness, I didn’t want an injury.  Unfortunately I’d got to the point where turning round or continuing my loop was virtually the same distance, so I carried on.

Felt proud of myself for having done it when I got in.  Two days in and all I have to do is treble that distance.


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