The Coffee With The Gigs

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week, only one of us would be having it in a latte glass.  My latte glasses don’t quite fit where they need to in my coffee machine, so I have to wedge them under the spout.  This has worked fine previously.

However, on Monday, it didn’t.  I wedged it and then walked over to the sink to wash something else.  I looked over just in time to see it move and (after a bit of a fumble) secured a superb one handed catch.  I re-wedged it and just for split second, let go.  It was the smallest amount of time, but it hit the floor and smashed in to many, many pieces.

Twas a fantastic start to the week.

The other downside to the week was the poor pencils in Wagamama’s inhibiting my colouring.

I went for a run on Monday night, lit up like a Christmas tree with flashing and reflective gear.  I was really quite impressed with my performance, only to really hurt the day after.  I played football on Wednesday night and that loosened me up a bit.

That was good, cause I had a fun end to the week.  Well, I suppose it was a fun end to my working week.  I went to see Andy Burrows on Thursday night.  You can read about that here.  I got in to The Deaf Institute knowing that I wanted to be early because I wanted a seat at the back rather than standing, but didn’t want to be first in.

Alas, one guy decided the opposite, and he wanted to be first in to make sure he got to stand next to the stage, which he did on his own for the entirety of the support act before it got busier.

I really wanted to tell him to play it a bit cooler.  And talking of cooler, I got an ice cream afterwards.  I know how to do Valentine’s Day properly.

I was also grateful for arrows.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

The night after I went to go see White Denim.  A friend got me the ticket and I’m up for going to see most gigs.  They were really looking forward to it and I was more interested than anything else.  Musically, White Denim were very talented.  The problem was that I didn’t know any of their songs and the sound set-up was such that vocals didn’t take priority.  All the songs seemed to blend in to one so, while I was taken with the musicianship, it was hard for me to get in to it.  They only spoke to the crowd a couple of times too.

I was quite pleased to stay in last night! I had some work to do at 7pm which didn’t take long but was a good enough excuse for pizza and cookies.  The downside was that I also had work to do at 4am this morning, which means I’m kinda tired now!

A few new Pokémon this week.

I realise that’s brief – I’m flagging a bit! Hope you’ve had a good week.

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