Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 32 Days To Go


Yesterday was a day off for me.  It was always planned as such because I had other things on, which is why I went for another run on Monday despite the distance I did on Sunday.  I didn’t want to miss runs.

Turns out that I might be better doing.

I was walking around work in the afternoon and started to feel tightness in both hamstrings.  Not painful, just tight, and it came on kind of suddenly because I hadn’t had any negative repercussions from what I’d done previously.

I spent some time going through a dynamic warm up, some serious stretching and foam rolling and then sitting on a heated seat on my to football thinking that that might loosen them.  It became apparent that it wasn’t going to.

So now I’m not sure what to do.  I hadn’t planned on the need for serious rehabilitation.  For now, some rest, a hot bath, more stretching and foam rolling.

EDIT: To highlight my issues, this is the morning after, showing just how far I couldn’t straighten my leg.  The other one was marginally better.


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