The Coffee With The Apology But No Warmth

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week it would be one of my infrequent ventures in to blends.  I traditionally prefer single origin coffees but the blends were cheap and are, actually, quite nice.

I also wanted to start with an apology if you’ve just received a load of notifications about posts from me running a half marathon.  The Friday before I went on holiday, I got a message asking what me feeling was towards doing a half marathon.  “Apathetic,” I replied.

Later that evening I got another message showing that an entry had been submitted.  My competitive side kicked in, somewhat violated by my pre-holiday delirium and so I entered too.

I knew it would be challenging, but I also know my base level of fitness.  I’d decided to chronicle my training informally on this blog but I was facing a problem that I’d never done this before and the notice period was shorter than I’d normally have considered reasonable.  I didn’t want to publish the posts because I didn’t want to be seen as copping out if I couldn’t do it.  Heaven knows that I’ve had enough comments to “just get it done” over the last week.

I have now posted them because I’m learning stuff from the experience of even training, both in terms of running and learning about myself.

I’m still not sure I can do it.  Well, I’m not sure I can do it in this time frame.  An extra few weeks would have been ideal. I’m going to push myself, but I need to be able to walk.

I think that my week has relatively nondescript otherwise.  Ran on Monday, went to watch Liverpool play Bayern Munich on Tuesday, limped around football on Wednesday… Oh! I went out with a load of old colleagues on Thursday night.

We went to a complete hole of a place near the office.  The person who decided on the venue decided not to go at all which somewhat annoyed us because we’d all have liked to go somewhere nicer.  It was really nice to be back with the old team.  It reminded me that the most important element in a team is the trust.  It’s not the hierarchy, or a fear factor, or genital measuring or even practicalities like plans and role and responsibilities, although that practical stuff alongside no little skill obviously helps.  Just behind “trust” is “fun” and that’s what we used to have.  They make is sound like that’s still possible in other work places.

I was looking forward to coming home from that night to central heating.  I’d run out of oil but got it restocked sharpish.  Unfortunately the boiler not having any to suck through left an air lock on the supply pipe which needed bleeding out which is something I can’t do.

My replacement electric fire had arrived but, because of how I installed it, I would need to cut off the plugs on the original and the new one.  I didn’t want to do that without getting confirmation that that was OK to do.  So instead of having central heating, I got home and wired a plug.  I’d told my Dad I was going to do it and I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited.

I waited because I was sure he wasn’t going to trust me to do it!  Alas, the phone call never came and the only time I used Google was to check I’d that brown is live after I’d done it.  I felt very grown up.  Moo helped instead.

That’s “his” rug.  It gets taken out the room when I have visitors given that it doesn’t go with anything!

The heating engineer came on Friday meaning that I needed to work from home.  I hate working from home, so I have a bit of work to catch up on tomorrow.

After my run on Friday evening, I went out (this is why I didn’t post on Friday) but we got munchies on my way home.  I found these in the supermarket.

Genius idea!

I’ve pretty much used this weekend to get my house straight.  I’ve been lazy, partly because I’ve been home alone for the last two weeks.

Some new Pokémon this week.

And that’s about it.  Hope you’ve had a belting week.

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