Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 30 & 28 Days To Go

No figures for these ones, and this is a post to stress the importance of rest.

So Friday night I decided to go out and I ran for 15 minutes.  Small steps, no pace, just some running.  It was so frustrating but my legs were no worse for it.

Still, I didn’t want to push so hard too quickly so today, instead of 8 miles, I did another short run that my watch didn’t track for some reason.

But just to reiterate what these posts and this post is for, I wanted to document my training so that others may stumble across what a novice runner does in preparation and can learn from it away from maybe running blogs where the authors can’t remember what it’s like not to run.

I know that I have inherent muscle tightness, so I knew that I wanted to put an emphasis on stretching and recovery here.  Post run I’ve been warming down with stretches and having a hot bath with different “post workout” sea salts in it for 20 minutes to half an hour.  Even in my off days I’ve been attempting yoga type things and foam rolling.

Today I decided to be a bit more structured and did a dynamic warm up from a Lean In 15 DVD, went for my run, immediately drank a pint of isotonic solution, ate a banana, did the warm down from the aforementioned DVD and then had my bath before eating properly.  I have been eating a properly structured meal with protein and carbs straight after, but today being Sunday meant that a roast was happening.  Time of writing, I feel OK, but I’m still going to sit on the foam roller for a bit.

The main lesson I’m learning from this is to listen to my body.  I didn’t want to do a faster run, so for now I’m going to plan on distance and rest, not performance.  That big run I did a week ago is letting me know that I have a lot in the tank, I just need to make sure that I’m healthy enough to take advantage of it.

So tomorrow is a day off in the current plan, and Wednesday will be too.  I’m hoping Tuesday will let me do 7km and then I’ll try to hit the 10km again next weekend.  That puts me a week behind on the plan, but I already planned on not going far the weekend before the event so that could be contingency.  I need to make a decision on that weekend nearer the time.

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