Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 25 Days To Go

Have I lost a day?

Anyway.  I completed the run plan to go a little further before a brief run at the end of the working followed by a proper ramp up on Sunday.  I’m having to tell myself that it’s in the plan, but it’s hard when I want to go further.  Losing my contingency week only a week in to such a short schedule has left me thinking I have time to make up, but I need to balance with that with still wanting to make sure I can even do it.  Trust the plan.

This was my first run with music.  I think it got me off to far too strong a start although I did manage to keep a good pace all the way through.  By kilometre four, Back in Black came on and I seemed to fly that one.

At one point in my run I had to stop for a van so that I could cross the road.  I restarted and realised that I was plodding. Was interesting for me as a novice runner that I had to force myself to pick it up again.  Once I told myself to stand up straight again and lengthen my stride, I was good.

The biggest positive I’m taking is that I’m getting home feeling strong.  I’m not just talking about hamstrings, but I mean that I feel like my training has been positive  rather than just feeling like I want to be sick!

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