Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 21 Days To Go

I intended on running on Thursday night, and couldn’t cause life got in the way.  I thought I’d do it on Friday, but life got in the way.  Then I got the opposite inclination today and decided that while I had some time I’d run today rather than tomorrow to maximise my recovery time.  It seemed pointless having today as a “rest day” and then cramming next  week’s training in, especially as the plan for this weekend was for a long run.

Having made the decision, I then got somewhat held up this morning.  Fortunately the rain only lasted for my warm-up, so I downloaded a Foo Fighters Essential playlist, put my earphones in and started running.

After my last music accompanied run, I wanted to make sure I didn’t go off too fast too early, but I really struggled to artificially slow my pace.

I felt a few niggles as I was going round, and my calves got tired and then my hamstrings got tired which is suggesting me that maybe they’re not quite working in synergy.

However, there were also times that I felt pretty good.  I was feeling so good that I decided I didn’t just want to finish my planned route, but I wanted to go a little further.  I also have this completely irrational issue that I want to run in a loop.  I don’t like just turning round.  I was looking at my distance on my watch and working out what I could do to do a loop.  I debated running round the pub car park because the pub has a separate exit and entry gate but then I worried that that was simply exploiting a loophole.

(Yes, even around 10km in to a run that’s the sort of thing I think about.)

So I went a bit further figuring I’d just complete the block.  My thought process was that I was simply running a rectangle and choosing between doing a full long side and a short side versus most of a long side and a short side.  The short side I decided to take wasn’t quite as straight as remembered it, and the block a lot less rectangular than I imagined.

I ended up doing just over 8.5 miles.  I did 6.2 miles two weeks ago.  Adding that extra 2.3 was hard.  What I’m not sure of at the moment is whether I lost some of the training benefit of that 6.2 miles by waiting till now to better it.

There were a few times in the final few kilometres where I debated going further, but I was really tired when I got home.  I actually still think I felt better after this than I did after that initial two miles three weeks ago.

So the race is three weeks tomorrow.  I’m going to be fairly flexible with my plan except for the fact that I want to get over 10 miles in next Saturday.  Having run today I’m thinking that my next one will be on Tuesday, when I’m going to do my 8 kilometre route than the 8 mile one!  I’ll then play football on Wednesday and play it by ear whether I put another run in on Thursday evening or Friday before work.

So… so far, so good.  Half way through training, and over half the distance covered.

During the home stretch, this song came on.  Considering the challenges of my hamstrings tightening a few weeks ago, it felt apt having just run the furthest I’ve ever done in my life.

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