The Coffee Where I Couldn’t Search

Hey, it we were having a coffee, mine would probably be decaffeinated as I’ve already drunk far too much coffee and sugar free Mountain Dew today.

I’m not entirely sure what’s happened this week.  My life is centred around getting this half marathon done at the moment which is a shame, really, cause I don’t like running.  It’s not something I’d ever consider a hobby.  I’m having to plan what I can do when which means that when I have free time, it’s invariably now featuring running even if it’s just a short distance.  That said, I’m pleased to have got some days of not running coming up considering that Storm Freya is lurking.

For anyone who read yesterday’s training post and wonders how I’m feeling after my longest run ever, the answer is that I can tell I’ve done it, but it’s muscle soreness rather than injury.

The definite low light, most frustrating day of the week was Thursday.  I got midway through the afternoon and started to feel terrible, at which point I realised that not only had I not had lunch, but also hadn’t anything to drink since the coffee I got when I got in that morning.

I tried to put some music on while I was getting ready that morning, but I wasn’t able to search Apple Music for the Skunk Anansie tracks I wanted to listen to.  I thought it was a bit weird but figured it might be a slow network connection or a temporary blip.  For some reason I felt compelled to check it at work too, and it was still having none of it.

At 00.30 on Friday morning I went to bed having carried our various resets after an hour on the phone to Apple Care.  If I did a fresh install on my phone, searching worked.  When I then restored the back up, it didn’t.  Having restored the back up and getting really annoyed, I called it a night.

I picked my phone up in the morning and it still didn’t work.  As I was running through my morning phone routine, though, I got a notification of a carrier update from Vodafone.  It installed and, mysteriously, search became available again and has been available ever since.

In between the phone issues, Thursday seemed to be a day at work where people who should have been able to do things, couldn’t.  There’s no real point in me talking about specifics cause I would doubt many people would understand (no offence intended) but I had people giving me control of their computers so that I could do things I’ve never really done before just because I actually knew how to do them, when I expected it to be part of their day jobs.  There were just other stupidly obvious things too, which I didn’t think I would have to explain, but did.

I was more than ready for the end of the week.  I went out with friends on Friday night but other than that it’s been a fairly quiet weekend.

Lots of new Pokémon this week, and I got my Fisherman’s Badge finally.

Hope you’ve had a good week.


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