Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 9 Days To Go

I’ve missed a run this week because of the weather and, I won’t lie, that played on my mind as the days remaining have fallen to single digits.  I didn’t want to go out tonight either because of the wind, and that’s not necessarily because I don’t like bad weather, but because I run under lots of trees and there’s been lots of fallen branches.

I forced myself out and I forced myself to do the longer of my short runs, if that makes sense!

I’ve found that my legs have been getting very heavy as I’ve increased the distance.  This run was very hard, which is worrying considering it was a short one.  I didn’t feel entirely out of breath when I got home, but I was certainly fatigued.  I did the long run last weekend after a massage and I’m wondering if my recovery isn’t as good as it should be.

Part of the challenge of saying that I’d do this half marathon was that it was massively more short notice compared to what I thought was reasonable.  The purpose of documenting it here was in the thought that someone, somewhere, might find my experience useful.  So my plan has been to do a long run at the weekend adding 2 miles a week, with two short runs and a game of football during the week.

At the time of writing, my body isn’t dealing with that very well.  I think what I would have liked to do, given more time, was get a long distance in the bank, consolidate that distance for a couple of weeks and then roll back for a week, before going further.  I’m currently on a one week cycle to go further, whereas it would be better at 3 or 4.

Six weeks is possible, but I don’t think it’s right when you start from where I was starting.

I’ll add some caveats to this.  I ran a rectangle, near enough, and I felt that I was always running in to the wind! That may have made it harder!  I also don’t think I drank enough water.  I don’t generally.

So while six weeks is possible, I maybe also thought it was too possible.  Getting distance in my legs is one thing, but when I started training I was going to be good with my diet (including water) and I haven’t been, I’ve been shoddy with it.  I was going to get more sleep, and I haven’t.  My body is being compliant, but it’s letting me know that it doesn’t like it.  So while it’s supporting me, I have to support it.

My next run has to be a long one.  It was going to be Saturday, but it’s now going to be Sunday.  I’ll then see how I feel before planning next week.  I’m going to eat well, and I’m going to drink enough.  Too little, too late, maybe.  I really have to finish this though.

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