Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 6 Days To Go

The downside of where I live is that my “round the block” is a lot further than a lot of other people’s.  I decided that I wanted to try to add a bit more distance on to my 11.5 mile record of the previous weekend, but I couldn’t find another mile that would still allow me to do loops rather than straight lines!

What will be my last long distance training run actually came in at longer than half marathon distance.  My GPS measured it at 13.12 miles (so only just over half marathon distance!) but it tends to smooth some corners.  My route mapper had it as 13.45 miles.  It took me 1:51:41.

My last four kilometres were slow.  I knew I was struggling too, although I would like to know what impact waiting to cross the road has, or waiting for cars to reverse in to and out of drives has.  The latter has definitely given me a bit of a different perspective.  If a car sees you coming and has the option to make you stop and lose some momentum or just wait that second for you to take two or three paces and go past them, let the runner past!

I’m not entirely happy with the time.  That’s a bit slow.  I hope that with the right recuperation this week, getting the distance in my legs is a good thing, despite most training plans suggesting to peak at a 10 miles two weeks before the race.  The fact I’ve gone off so differently bothers me, but adding 33% on one chunk feels like a lot.

I had some anomalous split times in the 11.5 mile run which started off a lot slower than this one.  My slow splits came at the end of this run, so I’m hoping that if I can regulate my speed through the early stages, I should get a better overall time, but I’m awful at regulating speed and I think I’ll be worse at it with lots of people around!

So, how do I feel?  Again, I felt that there was nothing left in the tank straight afterwards.  I got my breath back quickly, but was very tired.  I was supposed to be going out for dinner an hour later, and I went but didn’t eat much cause of how much I downed straight after – I wanted to get protein and liquids in ASAP.  The day after, I still have aches in my legs and my knee is a bit sore, but nothing too bad.  I also have a blister on the tip of my second toe on my left foot!

The plan for this week is rest and relaxation.  Maybe a few light runs.  Maybe football.  Sunday is race day and, I think, that I’m ready.

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