Please Sponsor Me!

You may know that I’m running a half marathon this weekend.  I don’t enjoy running for the sake of running, so I decided a while ago that if I could prove to myself that I could get round the course, I would ask people to sponsor me for doing so.

I’ve chosen to support a local counselling service that means a lot to me personally.  Their volunteers are amazing, both in the terms of their expertise and the donation of their time to help people who can often feel particularly isolated, like they have no-one else to turn to.

I don’t, in anyway, expect you, dear reader, to support a stranger on the internet, not least because I’ve had to set-up a crowdfunding page because the charity are not on Just Giving themselves.  However, I have a medium in the form of this blog to reach some more people, and it would remiss of me not to take this opportunity to point you in the direction of my Just Giving page, here.

Thank you.

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