The Coffee With Tendinitis And Ear Ache

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week, mine would be a caramel latte because “latte” and “macchiato” sound similar don’t they so, you know, getting the wrong drink is so easily done.  The barista looked like they’d rather be anywhere else and I was only charged for a latte so didn’t bother complaining.  It was caffeine.

I’m trying to remember what’s happened this week, and I’m struggling.  It feels like the last few weeks have merged.  I realise that they kind of do that naturally at midnight on a Sunday, but hopefully you get what I mean.

I think I was out, then, earlier this week walking around town when I started to get some pain down the inside of my ankle.  I remembered that this was the only pain I was feeling after the half marathon but it had gone away as quickly as it came so I thought nothing of it.  It was causing me some discomfort was coming and going, and actually went after I broke in to a bit of jog crossing a road.

I started to worry a little bit that it could have been a stress fracture because it hurt right on the bone but after a quick Google search it would appear to be tendinitis.  It bothers me more that it isn’t spelt “tendon” and “itis”.

I’m doing well in the health and wellness stakes, because I woke up on Monday with a really bad ear ache that ran in to my eye.  It was irritating me to the extent that I didn’t listen to the radio in the car going in to work and even hearing people talk was bothering me.  That appears to have gone.

I know it’s bad, but on Thursday I just couldn’t be bothered going in to the office, so I worked from home.  I guess that one of the benefits of not sharing an office with any of my direct colleagues is that no-one really knows where I am unless I tell them.  I only really share half a working day with my boss too.  I don’t think they would mind, but I always think it’s not the right thing to do unless absolutely required.  It means that I’m not so easily contactable, but that also means that I get to do the work I want to do rather than what everyone else gives me.

A few years ago I used to cat-sit when a friend went on holiday.  There was another cat at the property whose human had moved house but the car decided it liked it where it was so came back and lived outside.  The human was apparently called Simon and the cat was, well, a cat, so he became known as Simon’s Cat.  I used to take him the food that Moo wouldn’t eat.  I didn’t realise that there was a TV cartoon called “Simon’s Cat” when I bought this Cats Protection badge today.  I just thought it was a coincidence.

Talking of Moo, he had a very stressful 10 minutes watching a pigeon. (We got him a new pillow but he won’t go it.  He prefers the grotty old one.)

And then he enjoyed some sunshine.

And this week’s new Pokemon.

The song below I came across only on Friday.  It has a filthy guitar solo on the middle but I also love the drums all the way through.  I think it’s a great take on an old song that breaks far enough away from the original that I can’t listen to this and hear the older, iconic, drum beat at the same time.


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