The Coffee With The First Iced One Of The Year

‘Evening.  If we were having a coffee this weekend, I’d be jumping on the bandwagon of this lovely weather and having an iced one.  I’d consequently be feeling rather robbed by losing out on latte for ice cubes.

I was very much appreciative of the short week this week thanks to the Bank Holidays afforded to us by the Easter festivities.  Unfortunately I seem to have had more early starts this week than I have in any previous weeks that I can remember and I’m feeling it!

It’s not just the getting up early, but the fact that I’m one of these people who, when I set an early alarm, I don’t sleep well the night before.  If I have to get up at 5am, for me it’s never like going to bed at 10, up at 5 and getting 7 hours, or going to bed at normal time and spending the next day dealing with the few hours that I’ve lost.  Instead I’ll go to bed at 10 and wake up at midnight, and then 00.30, and 00.45, at 1.30, and 2.15…

I’ve been very stereotypically Bank Holiday this weekend.  I got the first mowing of the lawn out of the way, and then the second and third mowing in quick succession.  The grass was really long so I’ve taken it down to as low as the mower will go but left all the clippings on the lawn.  Tomorrow I’m mulch them a bit more.  I normally have a habit of cutting lower and lower throughout the year, whereas this year I plan on cutting it really short while there’s still a chance of rain and it’s not that warm, and then leave it longer in the height of summer.

I power washed my mole hills, which seems to be the best way of dealing with them.  While I had the power washer out I decided that it was rude not to wash the car.  I’ve enjoyed having a convertible this weekend – it gives me the chance to get vitamin D on the way to sitting outside or going for a walk!  I’ve been doing quite a lot of sitting outside or going for walks to the extent that I got my hair cut yesterday and she noticed that I already have a tan line on my neck.

It was particularly pleasant at the beach yesterday morning.  I was out on Friday but town was really busy, so I’d decided to beat the crowds and get sand on my trainers (it’s still not quite warm enough for bare feet!) before other people had got up.  It was quiet and peaceful.  It was the sort of time that I wish Derek II and Finlay (the two huskies I want) were in my life if it weren’t unfair to keep dogs with the hours that I work.

As it happens I’ve kept a cat for four years now.  We celebrated his birthday yesterday.  We don’t know when his real birthday is so we celebrate with Moo on the anniversary of when he came to live with me.  This year he got lots and lots of Dreamies which he things are great (although he looks to be wondering why he can’t have Dreamies for dinner every night) and, as usual, I got him a toy which he thinks is crap.

The day he came to live with me I had custard tarts which he was very interested in, so we got some of those and while he was interested in sniffing them, he decided to pat his with his paw rather than attempt to eat a little bit.  It’s the thought that counts.

I tried running again this week.  I think I’m still paying the price for the half marathon.  Well, more the pace of it than the distance of it.  I hated every second of being out that evening!

I went to a friend’s place to watch the Liverpool match on his TV on Wednesday night.  It was a Champions League game and I remember last year when it got to this stage of the competition that my own nerves started to kick in and I was beginning the not enjoy watching the match!  Liverpool are within touching distance of winning the league this year, for the first time in over 20, and I’m reaching the same point where I’m not enjoying these matches! It was only Cardiff and Liverpool won 2-0 but it was still horrible!

Two new (shiny) Pokémon this week!

Next week I’m not sure much is happening.  I have my appraisal at work which is going to be interesting because I think I have a boss who is more interested in it than I.  I think it may highlight a few points to her that she isn’t really aware of, and it’s giving me another chance to lay on thick that I still have more of an interest in being a doer than a manager.  I know that all projects needs managers and what I’ve just said isn’t supposed to be anything against people who define their careers as being “managers”, but I prefer my influence to be more tangible.

I think that’s about it.  I hope you’ve had a great week too.

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