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Everyone has their own list of simple pleasures – those little things that make you feel so much better despite them not taking a lot of effort.  One of my friends preaches that there is nothing better than a good leg stretch.  While I can’t argue too much, I would venture that that feeling is beaten by getting in to a bed with fresh sheets.

Buying bedding is a bit of a minefield for me.  Maybe phrasing it as a minefield is not the best analogy, as most probably don’t approach a minefield with the degree of apathy at which I approach Dunelm.  I’ve bought cheap stuff, designer stuff, various thread counts… It all does a job, but I can’t exactly say that I’ve ever noticed a difference.  But then my brain starts noticing that if I just spent a bit more I could get a higher thread count and, well, it must make a difference otherwise there’d be no point in offering it.

The other thing I noticed, as I walked in to pretty much any shop’s bedding section, is the amount of non-reusable plastic that I get with a sheet, a duvet cover and 4 pillows.  The purpose of that packaging, I would assume, is to show the consumer the product and provide some marketing visuals.  It feels like the plastic is generated by the provision choice – if there was no difference other than, say, colour, all bedding could be put in a fabric sack and the consumer just takes one out.

So when you look at it, the difficulty with buying bedding and being pleased with the purchase is the amount of choice.  I got the stage where I didn’t care what I got until I got it home, and then I was either disappointed because it was rubbish or disappointed that it was so expensive, and that can detract from my simple pleasure.

Now, that’s obviously a very first world problem, and one that I didn’t even consider a problem until I saw some marketing on social media from two companies offering to remove that problem for me.  (Yes, there’s some luck there that I was wanting some new sheets at the time.)

I decided to go for Bedfolk because, having looked at the two websites, it was Bedfolk that made the better job on their site of aligning with their idea of keeping things simple while providing good stuff at a decent price.  I could also find online reviews of Bedfolk plus they were slightly cheaper at the time!

Bedfolk are a UK company founded by Nick and Jo, and their products are made in Northern Portugal “in one of the world’s premier textile mills in the Guimarães region”.

They offer three styles of sheet, each in one of three colours.  They have Classic like you would get in hotels, Luxe described as feeling silky “against the skin, and has a subtle sheen that gently mellows with washing.”  I went for Relaxed which “looks and feels better when effortlessly crumpled.  Less time ironing, more time sleeping.” Who wouldn’t want that?!  The colour I got was “Snow” (white) but there is also the choice of “Rose” (pink) and “Dove” (grey).

I got a superking duvet cover (I only have a double bed but who doesn’t want more duvet?!) and two pillow cases for £109 (a £10 discount on my first purchase).  It would have cost me a further £70 for a fitted sheet, and that just felt a little too expensive to me.  That is, until my bedding arrived.

Moo not included, but he also approves.

I received a cardboard box containing a fabric bag holding my bedding and some cards offering care details and further information.  I’ve bought designer bedding in the past, and this feels so much more “luxury” already.

The Relaxed style really does do what it says on the tin.  I ironed out the big creases to an extent, but then left the rest, and it looks great.  Even having washed it and left it on an airer to dry, I’ve just put it straight back on the bed without any ironing at all.  It’s nicely crumpled, rather than creased.

It feels even better than it looks.  I’ve sat here for 10 minutes trying to work out some elaborate way to explain how it feels, and I can’t probably do it justice.  It feels cool and smooth and, for perhaps the first time, I noticed bedding as being better than what I had previously.  Even in the middle of the heatwave the UK is in as I type, my bed is a comfortable place to be.

Sometimes things just need to be simple.  There really can be too much choice.  I remember once laughing when I asked a colleague what he wanted from Burger King and got the reply “a burger”.  I got him “a burger” and he was happy.

That’s kind of what Bedfolk are doing.  What do I want? Bedding. “OK, we’ll send you some.” Sure, that is overly simplified, but I got what I wanted with a minimum of fuss.  It’s a great product from a small company doing something properly, and that’s brilliant.  If I was advising, especially if you’re setting up your own place, get two sets and then don’t worry about bedding for ages.

Any regrets? Well, I wish I’d ordered a fitted sheet. Environmentally friendly drier balls also look a good idea. My main regret is that I don’t need more new bedding!

I won’t lose sleep over it. I love sleeping and I love new sheets.  These ones from Bedfolk make my simple pleasure even better.



This is an independent review.  I bought the bedding myself, I haven’t been paid for the post or even asked to write it.  I did write it because I think it’s a great product and I want you to know!

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