About Me

Hello! I’m Michael, nice to meet you!

I’m a 30 something who lives near Liverpool in England, in a village famed mainly for only having one telephone box and it’s a listed building.


I possess a Law degree which I don’t use having fallen in to a career in Data Management.  I also possess lots of things that I like to think make my life easier, but which don’t really.

I’m 6’4, have blue eyes and naturally dark hair featuring some “distinguishing features”.  I still have all my tonsils as well as my appendix. I had 30 teeth at the last count (although some have fillings in and one has been replaced because when I was younger I accidentally tried to eat a paving flag on the school playground).  My glasses prescription is -0.5 in each eye and I’m pseudomyopic, meaning that I pretend to be more blind than I am so I get to wear cool glasses every now and again.

This blog is around a decade old, but it’s only really since the start of 2016 that I made an effort.  I try to relate news stories, science, psychology and other life lessons to stories about myself in the faint hope that someone, somewhere, might find them interesting and thought provoking.

I can sometimes be controversial, but I like to think that I have actually thought about what I’m writing and have a basis for my opinions.

One thing I won’t budge on, though, are that Double Deckers are the world’s greatest chocolate bars.