Bras, Pokemon Sizing And Other Meetings

OK, right at the start of this post I just want to say that I don’t intend to post so regularly about Pokemon Go but this, sadly for some of you, is another one of those posts.  This, though, isn’t a post about the monsters themselves (necessarily), but more some of the words that they use that’s interested me.

If you’ve been living under a rock for however long it’s been (like many of my friends), you can acquaint yourself with what the game is by reading my review.

It’s only now I’ve been playing it for a while that I’ve worked out various things.  One of those things is how you aim and throw Pokeballs.  If you grab your ball and then draw a circle on the screen repeatedly you can get the ball to spin.  When you throw it, it curves and gives you extra experience points.

The other thing that gets you extra XP is how to close to the center of the target you hit.  You’ll go from nothing to “nice” to “great” to “excellent”.

(I have no idea what I got the “bonus” for!)

What struck me (because I’m prone to overthink these things) is who was sat in the meeting when they had the discussion to rank those words? I have friends who are lawyers, accountants, who work in medical related professions or are doctors.  They have meetings to discuss multi-million pound deals or people’s lives.  I work in the food industry – we once had 4 hours of meetings about frozen carrots.

Some regular readers will know that one of my favourite singers is Delta Goodrem.  When I bought her latest CD from Australia (because I still buy physical CDs) I got one with an autographed card inside that, at first glance, looked the same as the album cover.  The only difference is that the album cover itself has been altered to remove the excess of bra peeking out from under her black vest top.  Again, someone must have had to have a meeting to discuss a reasonable amount of underwear visibility, lest someone get too excited by what seems to be a fairly non-descript boobie holder.


But back to Pokemon, and someone in Japan has had to decide which word shows something to be better, and I want to know why “excellent” is better than “great” and why “nice” comes at the bottom of the pile.

They’ve then had to it again with the appraisal system that they’ve introduced over the last day or whenever it was.  I’m Team Valor so I have Candela assessing my Pokemon.  They will either be “amazing”, “strong”, “decent” or “not great” which I can get my head around.

However, the critters’ stats will either be “excellent” or will “blow [Candela] away” or will “get the job done” or be “not great”.  Why can’t they be excellent and blow away?  Who decided that? And not being great might still be able to do the job.  It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it (and all that).

I also have issues with the sizes and the differentiation between “small” and “tiny” (it’s not what you’ve got…) and “gigantic” and “sizeable” (it’s not what you’ve got…).  And why not miniature, or massive or gargantuan, and why no “regular” or “distinctly average”?

OK, typing this is making me think that I have more issues than my irritation of having more Pidgies and Rattatas than I know what to do with.  Don’t get me started about my Drowzee collection.

Anyhow, my point is this.  It’s kinda interesting what’s important to different people.  If people ask me how my day has been, I might say it sucked because our peas didn’t arrive on time.  A lawyer might have a bad day because they lost a case for a client while a doctor may lose a patient.  You look at those and you know which is the most important; you know how to put them in order.

However, at that point they’re all equal in the course of our different jobs.

That’s been a hard lesson for me because I tend to belittle things that are big for me (it’s not what you’ve got…) but wouldn’t be for someone else.  That’s something I’m still trying to understand but now, when I start thinking that way, I just remind myself that someone, somewhere, is discussing how much bra can be shown on a CD cover.

At first she said: “Your call is very important to us”
And then she said: “Please hold, Please hold.”
Then she said: “You call is very important to us”
And then she said: “Please hold. Please hold.”
Green, green light, red light, green, green light, red light
At first she said: “green light”, and then she said: “red light”
At first she said: “Your call is very important to us”
And then she said: “Please hold, Please hold.”
Then she said: “You call is very important to us”
And then she said: “Please hold. Please hold.”
I’m getting mixed signals, mixed signals!

Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Please Hold by Sparks

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