Self Promises


If we were having our weekend coffee, I’d want to ask you a question. Have you ever promised yourself that you’ll do something under a certain set of circumstances? I’m not necessarily talking about rewarding yourself, it’s more of a coin toss kind of thing; if I get heads I’ll do it, if I get tails I won’t.

I’ve done that twice this week and in both instances my criteria have been met. At this stage you need to understand that I’m an Excel geek and when I spend a lot of time working on spreadsheets my life becomes a series of “if” statements! So that’s why this might occasionally sound scientific.

It’s probably not worth going in to too many specifics, but both instances have involved something I’ve wanted to do or just wanted, but which I might regret afterwards. That’s why I kind of made a deal with myself on each occasion, and leave it up to fate.

As I said, both things came up the way that I would do them, but when it came to it, I didn’t. One was reversible, one wasn’t. How do you balance risk and reward; being careful versus not caring?

There wasn’t too much else to talk about this week, not beyond what I blogged yesterday, or the arguments that I at least alluded to. Again, I possibly shouldn’t say too much. It’s been a week of annoyance and frustration in which I’ve spent a lot of time with my head in my hands not able to believe what’s going on.

Today was a trip to Liverpool. I still count it as my home city despite the fact that Manchester is my most frequented city. I hadn’t been to Liverpool city centre for a good few months and to the waterfront for even longer.

I can’t remember exactly when it was – I suspect 2010 – when I was in Philadelphia. Phillie reminded me so much of Liverpool and I believe that a lot of the architecture was influenced in some way by Liverpool. The waterfront in the English city has those really old buildings (most famously the Liver Buildings) mixed with the modern museum and other buildings I don’t know the purpose of (other than Charity Commission are housed in one!).

Then you have Liverpool One which somewhat moved the city centre half a mile and is great. From the Mersey to Liverpool One feels airy and spacious and fresh but then it gets older and tired. It still feels like home though! I walked up to uni which is the first time I’ve been up that far for years since a Retrospective Stag Party for a friend who got married in secret. I say secret… We kinda knew it was happening but weren’t supposed to talk about it.


I loved seeing the Love Locks on the fence at the docks.  I know this sounds kind of weird, but that kind of represents quite a lot to me.  I’m not just meaning with partners, but with anyone.  I’m one of these people who, without meaning to sound bigheaded, but once I’m in, I’m in.


One day, though, I would like to be able to put a lock on the chain with the reason for which it was intended!

Anyway, yeah, was a good day! Lunch was amazing too!

Chips with satay sauce followed by a Dave. I need to be careful how I phrase that.  In fact, let me recapitalise it… Chips with satay sauce followed by a dave.

Finally, for all my regulars! It’s been a busy Pokémon Go week! Some evolving (I had a gym session planned), some catching.  I did lose a Snorlax though.  Seriously, am I the only Pokémon Go player without a Snorlax or Dragonite?!

I hope you’ve had a good week. By the way, if we’re getting another drink in, don’t go for that Starbucks Citrus Mint tea – it’s not good.

Speak to you next week.

I want a new conspiracy
And the silence of a thousand cries
So hurry up
I want a better way to die

I’m running late to somewhere now where I don’t want to be
Where the future and promises ain’t what it used to be
I never wanted to compromise or bargain with my soul
How did a life on the wild side ever get so full?

Somewhere now
Somewhere now
Somewhere now
Somewhere now

Oh I
Don’t want to think about tomorrow
Don’t want to think about the road
It doesn’t matter anyway

Oh I
I want to start a revolution
I want to hear it on my radio
And put it off another day

Forever Now by Green Day

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  1. true george

    yeah sure did promise myself that I’ll do something under a set of circumstances

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