Dreams Of Tattoos And Pathways

On one of the earliest incarnations of this blog, a lot of my posts would be telling of the dreams that I’d had that night.  I used to be a fairly prolific dreamer, especially while I was at university.  It has, however, been a while since I’ve had dreams that I’ve actually remembered and which felt so real as the ones I had last night.

For old time’s sake, I thought I would talk about what they were.

Dream 1

We were exploring a desert.  We were looking for ancient underground buildings and found some.  However, apparently the “key” discovery was one that had a greenhouse built above it that was also being used as a home.  Underneath there was a room with beds and pillows and food in boxes with BBE dates of 1990, so not very ancient.

A desert may show a course of action we need to survive.  A cave is a doorway in to the unconscious and can also signify spiritual rebirth.

A torch, which was obviously pretty pertinent given we were looking underground can represent one’s own self-confidence that can further allow us to help others move forward.

To see greenhouse in a dream refers to finding the true path.

A bed can show exactly what is happening in the subtle areas of a close relationship.

Food signifies a satisfaction of our needs.

Dream 2

The second was based in what felt like a ski resort but in somewhere like Vietnam, and it was hot and humid rather than snowing.  I was getting a tattoo touched up, but the person who was supposed to do it didn’t and it was someone else who I was supposedly lucky to get.  I said I wanted somewhere more private because other family and friends were wandering around.

They found somewhere, but then I ended up having it done somewhere else where people were watching.  The guy started work and when I looked at it he’d put lots of the wrong colour in, and then left, unfinished.  The place had gone from really busy to empty.

A tattoo can represent something that’s left an impression or represent an aspect of individuality.

The colour that he used was yellow, and this represents thinking, detachment and judgement.

So… the thing about interpreting dreams (if you believe this sort of thing) is trying to put together all the parts in to one picture rather than viewing any as specifically individual.  The first dream looks like a call to be confident enough to find something that I need, and that it may be closer in time than I think it is.  The dream about the tattoo suggests being a bit shy of something that represents you, and that others didn’t see all of it or didn’t give it the time to see it all.

That’s what it means to me anyway.  As I said, much of this depends on what you believe and whether dreams can be the brain working something out.  I can read a set of events in to these dreams, but it’s probably easy for me to apply it to events and situations that mean a lot to me.  It could, of course, also mean absolutely nothing.


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