Non-Blasphemous Actors : The Greater Good

When I was at uni, the subjects that I wanted to do meant that one of the ones I had to take was Gender And The Law.

Before the first lecture, we’d established that there were 6 six lectures, that it was a 100% coursework module and that there were 6 possible essay questions i.e. we would only need to attend one lecture.  The first one was on Feminism And Pornography.

The teacher asked how many people in the class had ever looked at pornography, to which one person had the courage to put up their hand, while everyone else looked at everyone else rather accusingly.

In Holland recently, porn stars who filmed themselves having sex in a confessional box were cleared of any wrongdoing because there are no blasphemy laws.  The grainy film was shot inside St Joseph Church and other areas of the Southern Dutch city of Tilburg earlier this year, and then published on an x-rated website owned by Dutch porn star Kim Holland.

Yes, a porn star called Holland, from Holland.  That amuses me.

However, blasphemy is no longer an offence in Holland and there was no question of unlawful entry into the church, so no charge could be found to prosecute the makers of, and actors in, the film which as rather annoyed a lot of people.

I’m not an expert on the Church’s attitude to pornography not filmed on their premises.  However, I do know someone who would have had issues moving in to a flat in a converted church on the basis of God’s omnipotence being apparently greater in that sort of that place, and in Season 7, episode 18 of The Big Bang Theory, “The Mommy Observation”, Sheldon noted how his mother’s coital exploits were in contradiction to the Bible.

There were also the glances and giggles round the lecture theatre which suggested that maybe more than a few people weren’t being entirely honest.

All of which begs the question… What does the Church in Tilburg think of the person that made them aware of the publication?  Oh, the dilemma of telling someone something for greater good, even if you know it won’t work well for yourself.

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