The Coffee Where I Couldn’t Remember A Lot

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week, mine would be with a large glass of water.  Or two.

I definitely haven’t drunk enough this week.  I don’t do it at the best of times but in the heat I definitely haven’t.  I drank 500ml of isotonic drink before playing football on Wednesday, drank 500ml of water during the hour, another 500ml on the way home and another 500ml when I got home.  It was still 11am the next morning that I needed to pee.  And this is me trying!

Moo Cat looked like he was struggling with the heat on Wednesday.  He didn’t eat all his dinner which is rare for him and he was pressing himself on to the solid floors in the house which I’ve seen him do before in hot weather, presumably because they’re cooler surfaces.

So on Thursday I went and bought him one of these cooling mats for pets.  He doesn’t seem to get it.  He’ll pick Dreamies up off it, and he’ll sit next to it, but he hasn’t worked out sitting on it yet.

When I got home after buying hit, I pulled on the driveway and he was sat in the window in the sun.  I was not happy.

Instead, he spends his time sitting underneath my racing seat or, when it gets a bit cooler, looking out the window at all the things.

I can’t really remember too much of what happened this week.  I’m even pretty sure that I went out one night but can’t remember where and with whom.  I remember going, because I was the only convertible driver on the road with their roof up because the air conditioning was required.

My sleep has gone back to the early hours wake ups again.  I wonder if it’s the heat or if my week with a regular sleep pattern was just fluke.

One of my projects at work has officially been cancelled.  The one I was given to replace it is also no longer part of my gig.  This means I’ve now finished 6 months of the year and, while I’ve been busy, have yet to complete any of my projects.  One hasn’t officially started yet, intentionally.  However, we have been doing some pre-work and it’s one of those that can either be done very simply or that we can do at completely the other end of the spectrum and do it properly but complicated and it would take a lot longer.

That’s the project I wanted to stay for, but there’s another coming that I think other people wanted me for without it supposedly being one of my documented objectives.  That involved going to France and / or Italy for a bit.

I saw a sign in a canal and wanted to know what it said.

I saw a row of white cars, with someone who obviously didn’t get the memo.

I caught some new Pokémon.

And I found some new music that I’m quite enjoying.  Hope you enjoyed your week.



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