The Coffee In The Past, With Dragons

Greetings, if we were having a coffee this week mine would be a cortado, something that I’d forgotten about but really quite enjoyed once I had it again.

In typing that, I wonder if that’s a metaphor for how I’ve been feeling this week without me realising.  I genuinely did have a cortado yesterday and it was really nice.  A single shot of sugar free vanilla syrup is a nice way to make it a little sweeter.

But I have also been thinking about the past this week, and occasionally finding myself wishing that things were the same as they were back then.  I’m not sure if that’s necessarily right – it’s more realising how much I enjoyed things that happened then, and obviously the next logical part of that is wanting those things again.

I find that this happens every now and again and then goes away.  I don’t know as it’s holding me back or anything as in some cases it can be motivation to move on a little differently.  This week was a little odd in that it has been most of the week.

In what I think is unrelated news, I’ve been particularly demotivated at work this week.  I’ve just been bored.  I found some online courses to do for the purpose of “keeping my eye in” technically as well as trying to learn something that might be useful for the future.  So it wasn’t an entirely wasted week, and I still got some stuff done that I was supposed to do.

Friday was fun.  Unfortunately I have no pictures to prove it cause I left my phone in the car as we went Dragon Boat racing.

One of my friends had entered me and, as I was watching the rain pour down all day, I was getting less and less interested.  By the time I got to the lake and I was already wet before I’d even got in a boat, I was trying to think of excuses but I was already there so no point backing out.

We watched the first race and saw the experienced helm manage to steer one boat right in to the side of another.  A proper t-bone effort.  We took to out boat for the next race and it didn’t go too well.  We couldn’t stay in time.  Someone seemed to want to take the lead and pulled us all to one side and told us that “the professionals are doing 30 strokes a minute”.  He then proceeded to count a rhythm at least 130 per minute.

That was ultimately our downfall in the second race, because we started off well but then the rhythm that was being given to us got so fast that we couldn’t keep up unless every stroke was ridiculously shallow, in which case we lost all speed.

But it was really good fun.  I’ve never been a particular fan of water sports but this had me thinking I might have a look for more things to do.

I’ve planned most of my living room redecoration except for the fire place.  I’ll need to go look for one of those the week after next.

I was amused this week by this:

Sadly I doubt you can read the sign on the door asking to keep the gate closed.

I was also amused by this t-shirt:

I would never wear a t-shirt like that, but it did make me laugh.

And I got some new Pokémon too.

And I bought myself a new toy.  Myself and the guy I sit opposite at work are bad influences on each other.  I had to chase a Yodel delivery driver for it, mind.

Hope you’re OK and have enjoyed your week.  I found this band again while looking for a song for Friday’s post and found a second album by them.

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