In The News : Once In A Lifetime

Amateur golfer Ali Gibb had a strange day last Tuesday.  While defending her club championship title at Croham Hurst Golf Club in South Croydon, Surrey, the 51 year old recorded a card that was a bit up and down.

On my card I had a nine, two eights, sixes, fives, fours, threes, twos and three ones.

Yep, that is three holes in one in 5 hours.  Two of her holes-in-one came on the same hole – the fifth – with the third coming on her second visit to the 11th in the 36-hole competition.

“I have had a hole-in-one before – three actually. One was here on the seventh, one at Surrey National Golf Club, and one at the Atlantic Beach Golf Estate in South Africa,” added Gibb.

Some outlets are listing the feet is a 1.4 trillion to one chance.  Club Secretary of Crobham Hurst, Jean Cooke, described even one hole in one in a lifetime as “unusual” in what would appear to be, one could say, an understatement.

I know when I went to Kiev last May for the Champions League Final, a lot of people told me that I had to go because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  However, I’d been to a Champions League Final before, in 2007 in Athens.  It was my second once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’ve been known to be a pessimist.  I’m still pretty sure that some things just happen to some people.  In some instances, I’m pretty sure that some things happen to everyone except me, and that they will never happen to me! They become never in a lifetime despite doing all I can.

When I did archery, one of the things I remember being coached and, indeed, coaching myself, was not to be aim too hard.  Float the sight around the gold and let the bow and the shot do its thing.  Aiming too hard or for the cross in the middle of the gold would make the shot tense, increasing the risk of error.  I view golfing holes in one similarly.  In some instances, you may be aiming at the hole, but hitting a matter of centimetres over hundreds of metres can’t be entirely down to skill.

Is this the key to the once in a lifetime chances? Not trying to hard, but just getting there or thereabouts and letting it happen?

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