In The News : Things We Didn’t Know We Needed

One of the things I’m having to reel myself in over during the planning of my living room refurbishment is the technology that I can load it with.  I’m a sucker for a plethora of gadgets that may or most certainly may not actually have any impact on my life other than reducing my bank balance.

Panasonic have launched their solution to poor concentration in the office.  We’ve all been there – wanting to settle down to checking our e-mails so it looks like we’ve done something before we go get coffee only to be disturbed by the nice person who wants to show unwelcome interest in our life outside of the office.  Then we hear everyone else’s phone calls, and catch sight of something far more interesting on someone else’s screen.

Their solution…? The Wear Space.

Effectively they’re horse blinkers for people, restricting the line of vision whilst also including noise cancelling headphones to block out office drone.

Hopefully they’ll also be able to block out workplace bullying and you being laughed at.

The other one product in the news that I have never thought about actually relates to home improvement.  Most people would look at new kitchens or patios to increase the value of their homes.  However, Guy Phoenix, a property developer, is thinking further outside of the box and building the world’s first dedicated residential landing pad for flying cars at a new build mansion.

Mr Phoenix said it represented a “unique selling point” for the home. He is talking to VRCO, the car’s manufacturer and designer, about buying one of its flying cars and offering it as part of the house sale.

I think I’ll stick with the paint and the new fireplace.  And maybe those fancy lights…

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