Review : Huel (Part 1)

In an attempt to be a bit healthier, I thought I’d try something a bit left field me in the form of a largely liquid diet.  A friend at work had tried Huel and liked it and, seeing as he had a money off code, I thought I’d give it a try too.

Hue brands itself as “fast food – not junk food.”  It’s a “nutritionally complete food” delivered to your door on a regular basis – you can decide how much you get and when.  Basically it’s a powder full of all the macros you need, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals, and comes in at around £1.60 a meal, which isn’t too bad.

With your order you get a booklet recommending how much to take depending on your requirements – weight loss with or without exercise and weight gain.  My plan was two main meal replacements twice a day for breakfast and dinner, with lunch from the work canteen and some healthy, fruity snacks in between.  I don’t go to a gym and my exercise is limited due to my hatred of running and the room I normally exercise still having a boxed up sofa taking up its entirety.

And it started well.  In go the three scoops of the berry flavour, a quick whizz round the Nutribullet and down the hatch.  The consistency is a smooth as I would have expected for something with oats in it.  The taste is decent, but not delicious.  A few days in, and I was feeling good.  I started doing one Huel meal a day and then upped it to two after a week or so.

My feeling is that if you want to use Huel as a meal replacement, it will be good for you.  I wasn’t hungry when I was using it and I did feel good.  I actually think it’s real value for me would be to help me gain weight I could get the training plan back together and stay fit enough to use it! I tried to put on weight a few years ago and the hardest thing was eating as much food as I needed to.  Huel would be a nice addition to the diet in those circumstances for me.

Where I struggled, though, was that I really wanted to eat!  Huel do say that if you start too full on, you will get cravings.  I’ve been promising myself for the months since I’ve had it that I’ll start using it consistently.  The last two weeks I’ve been off work, so I thought it would be prime opportunity for me to go at things properly without the temptation of supermarkets and, more importantly, Staff Sales at work!

However, I’ve reached lunch and dinner and all I want is real food where the convenience of a blended beverage isn’t enough incentive.  It’s not necessarily bad food I want, I just want to chew something with more flavour and consistency and texture.

So, the reason for this review is two fold.  The first is to tell you that if you think you want to try Huel, definitely give it a go.  Wanting to give it a go is my second reason for the post, because I’m going to say now that I’m going to try hard for the next few weeks to use Huel properly as meal replacement.  I’ll post again later in December to let you know my progress.

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