Wilmslow Half Marathon 2019 – 35 Days To Go

I’d found a website that allowed me to plot a route and it told me how far it was.  My plan is to build up the distance so 6 miles today, 8 miles next Sunday, 10 the one after that and then 12 two weeks before the half marathon.  That feels, to all intents and purposes, a fairly decent progression.

I am, though, also debating how I should be viewing this.  By that, I mean should I be viewing it as distance or time running? I don’t want to set a target time – I just want to do it.  However, I do seem to have a fairly standard pace at just a touch over 5 minutes per kilometre.

This was my pace a decade ago and it still seems to be now.  It’s the speed I settle in to when I’m not concentrating on anything in particular.

So off I set and I completed 10km, or just over six miles.  This isn’t quite as far as the furthest I’ve ever done, as I think my actual 10k race distance came in at something like 10.4, but it is the furthest training run I’ve ever done.

As I turned off the main road to the “extra bit” I needed to do above the last long run, I turned in to a headwind and remembered how much I hated what I was doing.  I just don’t get anything from running like I do (did!) with lifting weights or playing football or tennis.

I think maybe I need to get some earphones to keep my entertained.  My mind wanders.

Anyway.  On track.  Feeling good.

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