The Coffee With A Bit Of Organisation

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, mine would be a free one.  I’ve been keeping my reward drink and I had to use it this weekend so had a massive caramel macchiato about 6 hours which I’m probably still feeling the effects of!  I’ve also been easting some real rubbish this weekend too which isn’t helping.  Fat Friday has lasted a good 48 hours.

I was on my way to work the other morning and thought that the car’s computer had broken because it wasn’t displaying any names next to phone numbers.  Then I noticed that this was just a reflection of the many unsolicited marketing calls the day before.  It was getting silly especially because I was expecting people to ring.

This week has been a week of getting organised for me.  I can’t remember the exact feedback I was given, but something was said in my appraisal at work a few weeks ago that made me think.  I’m not one of these people who puts everything they have to do in a calendar or who splits my day up to give me time for specific tasks.  At work, my project plans can be a little high level but often that’s because I spend so long working on my own I don’t see the point in creating something for the benefit of someone else.

I’d noticed at home too that I’ve been somewhat drowning under the amount of stuff I actually have to do.  The driveway is full of weeds and my clothing situation is getting out of hand.  That’s above the stuff like painting the kitchen and fixing a bedroom window.  I have so many things that I can do I tend not to pick one to make a start.

I started looking through some apps and came across one called Trello.  I like its format.  You create a board of the work you need to do, and within that board you can add lists made up of cards which can be dragged and dropped.  I’m a week in to using it but find it good especially for keeping track of the all the small random things I need to do.  I’m using it for bigger projects too, and even thought I’m not using it in a massively detailed way just yet while I learn its capabilities it is still doing the job.

With it being online I can also just show my manager in a different continent what I’m doing which I have a suspicion is more than they think I should be doing at the moment.  I actually said to my boss last week that I felt that I was to some certain projects what Summer Glau was to Josh Whedon programs and I don’t think she got it.  In stating my disappointment, it became apparent that no-one else in the office got it either.  Then I got sad in realising that I haven’t spoken to the only person I know who would get it for years.

I started going through the ridiculous amount of clothes I have.  All that has really done is creating a few large piles – one of white stuff that needs washing, one of colours that need washing, one of sports wear, towels and jeans that need washing without fabric conditioner, one of the stuff that I don’t need to wash before bagging up to give to charity, one to throw away and one to put in vacuum bags for next winter.

Unfortunately I (like most people, I guess) only have one washing machine and not enough space to dry everything, so it’s a slow process!

It’s also given me a dilemma because I like everything and it still all fits, which makes it feel like a waste giving all the stuff that I haven’t worn for ages to charity.  I’m still on the side of the balance where the extra space doesn’t feel worth the price of the clothes.  I’ve put myself on a purchase ban and I’m tempted to just pick out 5 things I can wear for work, three weekend outfits and two or three sets of workout clothing, and then vacuum pack everything else.  When I wear something out, I can open a vacuum bag to find something to replace it.  However, I have so much I think that plan could last me a decade!

Sometimes it crosses my mind that it might be better just to have someone come round, throw it all out and make me start again with a bit more focus this time!

The other job I started this week was killing the weeds in my driveway.  I wanted to kill them to make sure they didn’t reappear as the invariably do when I try to pull them up.  The weed killer is beginning to take hold, but as I left the house yesterday I noticed that someone had run over my weeds in a car and I can’t for the life of me work out, given where the tyre track is, how they managed to not hit my wall.

Thursday was the draw for tickets to go see the Champions League Final in Madrid.  We got 1 out of 6 entries.  I’m a bit mixed on it.  I would have liked to have gone, but travelling to Dusseldorf (as was the route I was planning on) and it taking days at kind of a lot of expense felt like a faff.  I’d been holding off looking at summer breaks until I knew whether I was going or not, so now I’ll start seeing whether there’s anything I fancy while remembering that I tend to get board if I go for too long without an itinerary.

That’s a point actually.  I never thought if the paradox that I have to have plans for being on holiday yet am bad at them anywhere else…

I went to the cinema to watch Detective Pikachu on Friday, which was a perfectly ridiculous and entertaining film to end the week with.  There was a family behind us and the parents seemed to have absolutely no interest in getting their kids to even whisper, let alone not talk or climb over rows of seats.  Once one of the cinema staff had a word they didn’t stay too much longer, thankfully.

And talking of Pokémon, loads of new ones since the last time I shared.

I hope you’ve had a great week.  Speak to you next Sunday.

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