The Coffee With Number 6

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, mine would be big with as much coffee in it as is safe and reasonably possible.  I should probably get something to eat as well.  All that’s because it’s been a fun weekend with not much sleep.  I have a fuzzy head partly from dehydration too.  But to start with earlier in what is now last week…

Two dreams this week, and one of them was problematic.  I’m not good at getting up nowadays.  I seem to struggle a bit with it, even when I think I’m giving myself a good night’s sleep. I was snoozing the other morning, only dreaming that I was at work.  The alarm went off again and I turned it off rather putting it on snooze again because, well, I was at work and didn’t need it.  Thankfully I wasn’t noticeably late in.

Then the day after I woke up from a dream where I was a tattoo artist working at the school I used to go.  I know who I was tattooing but I’m not sure what it was I was doing to them.  I got up early enough after that one but the traffic to work was so slow.

I had to go get my blood test this week.  This one really hurt for some reason! I went to go get some lunch from the supermarket after it and while I was looking in the fridge it actually felt like I was still bleeding down my jacket sleeve.  That presented a dilemma for me because I really wanted to buy lunch and didn’t really want to deal with it there and then.  As it turns out it just felt like it was bleeding.  It really bruised too.

This week was really all about the weekend, with Liverpool playing Tottenham in the Champions League Final.  It has been three weeks since the end of the season so it felt like an age getting to the showpiece event.

The nerves had been growing.  It wasn’t so much nerves at Liverpool losing, but more Tottenham winning.  In European competition, you never want to lose to a team from your home league.  To lose to a team of perennial bottlers like Spurs are would have been terrible!

I have no idea if the nerves were why Friday was unproductive but Saturday was hard work! I was going to watch the match at a friend’s place at I knew the program was starting at 6pm, but he told me to get there for 7.  At 4.30 I was getting itchy feet.  At 5.30 I was walking around the room.  At 6pm I decided enough was enough and went, via a supermarket to put a bit of delay in to proceedings.

Nerves were kind of settled when Liverpool got a penalty less than a minute in.  We went 1-0 up and it stayed that way until the 87th minute when Divock Origi scored a second and sealed it.

It was an awful game.  Absolutely terrible.  It was a bit strange, because each team’s campaigns to get there were brilliant, including some thrilling comebacks.  Tottenham had been on the brink of exiting the competition for most of it.

What was most strange was that the game being so poor meant that my nerves had pretty much gone by an hour in.  During the first half I was watching the clock, pleading for the time to ebb away.  By an hour in, it felt like a friendly game with nothing to play for.  If Tottenham had have scored that feeling might have changed, because I certainly celebrated Liverpool’s second goal enough.

I even read match reports and none of them contained a great deal of praise.  Most suggested that Liverpool were worthy winners as a reflection of their overall season rather than performance on the night.  But anyway, who cares?

After going to Kiev last year and being gutted having to make that long trip home after having lost, having number 6 in the bag was great.  One of the reasons I didn’t travel to Madrid without a ticket was in case Liverpool won.  When they won it in Istanbul in 2005, the victory parade in the city was an amazingly special night.  The atmosphere was like nothing I’ve ever felt.  After that night, I’ve always said that if I don’t have a ticket I would far rather be part of the aftermath than the build-up.

I got an early train to Liverpool.  Everyone I know will tell you that I’m early for quite literally everything except work (see above!).  My plan was go somewhere nice for breakfast (Bill’s delivered after the queue for Moose was immense) and I thought that there’d be enough happening in the city to keep me occupied.

The club shop was doing a roaring trade straight after opening and had the new winner’s badges for shirts already in stock.  I buy a Liverpool shirt every season, and very rarely wear them.  I’ve had one every year since I was a kid, so I just keep buying them to have them, and they’re not a cheap collectable really.  I stood in the queue and got one and walked over to the docks.

They were just starting to put the barriers out down the road so I parked myself on a bench with a newspaper and my phone with a portable charger, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t being co-operative so I went to find shelter elsewhere.  It was also freezing cold because of the wind! I thought I’d put myself in the shelter of a building but I think it just focussed the gale that was blowing through!

The wait was worth it.  Here are some of my pictures as well as some of the more official ones.

Can you see me?!

I intended to get the train home but the queue at the station looked massive, and I couldn’t be bothered standing in it.  I tried to get something to eat, but couldn’t be bothered standing in those queues either.  I started walking.  My plan was to walk to Aintree station.  Turns out I walked to Old Roan.  I took a wrong turn somewhere.  It was seven miles.

Well… I say I took a wrong turn.  I didn’t actually.  I took the route I planned, it just went to the wrong place.  The irritating thing was talking to a friend today who told me that she got accidentally got caught up in the parade as she was going to a gig in Liverpool that night.  Turns out that I had tickets for that gig too, and I completely forgot.  It was Mumford and Sons too.  I was looking forward to it, but it was postponed and as soon as it was I realised that I was going to forget about it.  I don’t think I ever even got the tickets!

After lots of standing up and lots of celebrating with probably not enough drinking, I’m not sure I could have managed the show anyway and the logistics to get out would have been hard.

I’ve been off work today, kind of pre-planned to the level that my superstition would allow.  I don’t drink, but my head was fuzzy from being tired.  It’s taken me hours to type this, including a nap and a dinner so anyone visiting expecting to read a news review might have to wait till tomorrow, because I haven’t read any news all weekend – I have no idea what’s been going on in the world.

A few new Pokemon this week.

And I want to know how this stand-off ended:

I don’t think I have any plans for this week, but I might just have forgotten those too!

I hope your week was a good one.


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