The Coffee With Lots of Meh

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week, I’m not sure what I would be having.

If I’m honest, I’ve spent the whole week being in a state of apathy.  I don’t know whether it’s a hangover from last weekend, but my head hasn’t been in a lot this week.

I’ve been forcing myself to do things, working through my lists.  Today I just about finished my shredding.  I’ve been through three bags of papers all with my name and address of card payments on them.  Moo was fairly interested, possibly wondering why paper was making so much noise.  As I was going through it I had a thought that I should just open one of the paper wallets that I used to get all my travel money and found 80 euros.  So that was a lucky escape.

I still have a bit to do.  As I was shredding a credit card application that the company already filled in despite the fact I didn’t want it, the shredder jammed.  I had a look but couldn’t repair it.  I didn’t realise that I’d left it plugged in (not while I was fiddling with the blades!) and about an hour later it finished the bit it was doing.  Scared me to death!

I’m known for occasionally being on the grumpy side.  Being irritated is the only thing that’s got me fired up this week, though.  It’s not the way it should be.

Complaining about being tired is one of my favourite past times as well.  I’m wondering whether that has something to do with everything else.  I was thinking about it after playing football on Wednesday night.

I’ve been saying to a few of my friends that I don’t have to work too hard at football.  I can pace myself.  I wasn’t feeling physically exhausted, but I remember at one point getting the ball in a position that meant I had my back to the goal but also had no-one behind me.  How I had to control the ball took me further away from goal and towards an opponent.  However, there was no pressure.  If anything, I had far more time than I really should have had.

For some reason I decided just to clip a cross straight to an opponent on my “weak” foot.  (I don’t really have a weaker foot having blown up my right knee in my early twenties and so starting playing a lot with my left to protect it.) It was only when I was thinking about it a bit later that I realised there was no-one between me and the goal.  I just needed to turn round. Or I could have dragged the ball and hit it with my good foot, I had so much time.

My brain just didn’t really give me clarity of the situation at the time.

As I’m sat here now, I’m achey.  My legs hurt and my back hurts.  So all in all I’m not feeling great! In the background I got a letter from the doctors saying that my blood test had shown something up and I need an appointment, but that’s not for ages yet.  Apparently most of the results were normal, but there were a few outliers.

A few new Pokémon (but only because they’re shiny).

I also got some fortune cookies with my Chinese.  One of them simply said that “wisdom comes through listening” which annoys me a bit because it’s not a fortune.  It’s a hint or tip, and it’s not called a hint or tip cookie.  The other says that I “will soon gain something [I] always wanted.” I don’t know whether this is a hint that someone is going to get me an amazing birthday present in a few weeks or whether it’s something bigger, for we’re hitting another significant milestone in a month or so.  More about that at the time, though.

I haven’t really heard any new music this week that’s inspired me, but I did hear this song when I was watching Crazy Rich Asians (which I enjoyed) the other night.  Hey, something I liked this week! It wasn’t all bad after all.  Listen to this on the best speaker you have and listen to the clarity in her voice.

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