In The News : Bieber v Cruise

On Sunday night, Justin Bieber chose to put himself firmly at the centre of what the Internet is to a lot of people and pick a fight with someone he hardly knows.

No-one really knows why.  As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, is it because Tom Cruise stole the Canadian’s hard cut a while ago?  Or had Bieber just been drinking?

Perhaps it’s even a metaphor with Bieber fighting his own personal Tom Cruise, rather than literally calling out the Mission:Impossible actor.

Bieber has just about chosen the right man to fight if he’s going to choose a man 31 years his senior.  Unless, of course, he’d just watched Top Gun and not realised that it’s quite an old film.  Tom his probably fit enough to make it a competition.

Connor McGregor has offered to put the fight on, and bookmakers have already started giving odds, per Oddscheckers Callum Wilson:

“Cruise’s performance in Far and Away highlighted his [on screen] boxing ability.  On the other hand, Bieber seemed to struggle in a scuffle with Orlando Bloom a few years ago. Expect Cruise’s odds to drop as time progresses.”

Most of the Internet would love to be in Tom’s position right now, especially parents of teenagers.  I’d like to be in his position because of the spelling:

Let’s not even talk about the missing commas and apostrophes.



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