The Coffee With The Broken Appliances

Hello.  If we were having a coffee this week, I’d be fancying something different but can’t decide what, so I’ll just have my usual.

I was getting ready for work on Monday morning and went to get a shirt out the tumble drier to find them absolutely soaking wet.  So wet that when I took them out, they were dripping.  I had a reasonable idea why driers stop working but didn’t have the time to deal with it then so hung the shirts on the washing line and went to work.

The kitchen door handle has always been a bit sticky.  There’s something in how the latch is fitted I think that makes it stick and break.  It was getting a bit dodgy so I’d just been leaving the door open until I could get somewhere to buy a new latch.

One of my good friends with a house key was driving past my house, saw my washing out and that it was about to start raining so thought they’d bring my washing in for me.  They put it in the kitchen, and closed the door.

I got home, greeted Moo and he followed me to the kitchen, and stood at the door looking at me as I couldn’t gain him access to his tuna treat.

Now, there were more problems here than I envisaged.  Firstly, I was at the door jamb side so this wasn’t just a case of looping a paperclip round the latch.  Secondly, I keep my tools in the kitchen.  I used a penknife to take the screws out to remove the handle and then a paperclip to excavate the latch, but still couldn’t get it to move.

Turns out that the hotel key cards that I have a habit of keeping do sometimes have a use! They’re flexible enough to bend round the door in place and but then solid enough to push the latch.  It was a little easier than I expected once I knew how.

So that one was solved.  I made my own dinner having given Moo his and, as I was taking it out the oven, noticed what I thought were some red marks at the bottom of the unit.  On closer inspection, it would appear that the bottom of the oven is disintegrating and what I was seeing was actually the outer casing glowing red hot.  I let it cool rather doing anything special but I won’t be using that again.

Dinner eaten, I went to look at the washing machine.  I checked the pipes for blockages but couldn’t see or feel anything.  Moo helped.

The condenser wasn’t too bad either so I was running out of options that I knew about.  It was only when I did the least technical thing and spun the drum that I realised there was no real friction in it and that the belt must have gone.

The engineer confirmed that is was the belt.  He’s put it back on but it’s really slack so I’m having to be careful with my wardrobe choices until he puts a new one for me.

It’s been a little cold this week so I actually put the heating on to take the chill out the air, and that was enough for me to run out of heating oil too.

So the week at least started off with some domestic woes!

On Wednesday I went to football and actually scored.  That’s my third this calendar year.  I’m well on target to double last year’s total of 2!  The biggest deal was actually noted by its absence though, as that was the first week since my half marathon where my achilles hasn’t hurt afterwards.  That was an absolute bonus.  I’ve been taking a turmeric supplement that I found on offer on Amazon and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I woke from a bizarre dream this week.  I was in a tent floating on the water, in a boat.  A rather attractive blonde lady in a bikini on the shore said that she would be able to catch me by swimming as I was rowing.  And she did.  No idea what it meant.  Should probably look it up, but one of the biggest deals about the whole dream was her attractiveness!

That’s about it for the week I think.  I have one more week in work before I’m going to take two off.  I need to get things straight at home, that’s become clear.  I’m making a list.  My thought is to dedicate some time to getting it straight, but also I need to do something to make sure I don’t collect so much stuff again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week.

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